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Ship Shapes/Canvas - Marcade - 04-24-2019

Ok I was just curious if any thought was given regarding this topic.

Currently it's possible to build a ship in any random shape. Now I know in space there's no air/friction whatsoever so I am guessing the shape of a space ship doesn't matter much. But it's a bit weird that we're allowed to build a ship in a completely random shape and it still has no problem to jump into hyperspace?

i was thinking if it was considered whether to have empty ship canvasses; where we can only build inside, restricting us from weird shapes. A bit like Star Drive; where we start off with small hulls, and through research we get access to bigger hulls.

The restriction would, in a way, also improve game play as then we actually have to consider the limited space and not give everybody just a giant bedroom.

Or if that's too restricting, whether maybe fuel consumption will be affected by the shape of a ship. I.E. A cigar shaped ship uses less fuel than a square shaped ship ?

RE: Ship Shapes/Canvas - AdmiralGeezer - 04-24-2019

We wanted to keep as much freedom as possible, to enable players to create a spaceship of their own desire. There could be some possibilities to balance certain build types in some ways, let's see how it evolves with time!