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Battlevoid: Sector Siege

Battlevoid: Sector Siege is an epic straight into action real-time space strategy game, in which you take command of human forces with the task of defending them against multiple enemy factions. The world of Battlevoid: Sector Siege has been built to deliver a lively battle field; where the action is never more than just seconds away at the start of every game.

Strategy, tactics, and resource management are the core of Battlevoid: Sector Siege. Every single unit you build can be greatly customized; and packed with a variety of random elements, the game will offer you a fresh experience every playthrough. The game features an artificial intelligence capable of surprising you and giving you a real challenge. Battlevoid: Sector Siege will captivate you in minutes and offer you depth, content, and strategy for a long time.

Key Features:

Seamless cross-platform game play
Explore new procedurally generated sector maps each playthrough
Superb customization of each unit you build
Board enemy ships; and build copies of them
Randomly generated events
Superb pixel graphics and effects

Price and platforms

Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS.

Price on PC, Mac, Linux: $9.99 with 20% launch discount.
Price on mobile: $4.99
Confirmed stores: Steam, Google Play, Apple App Store.

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