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Difficulty? - noncom - 01-10-2016

Does anyone play on difficulty other than Hard? I always play on hard and find it quite okay, I get killed from time to time, but it does not happen often and it's a roguelike, so no problem with this. But I get the impression that the other two difficulties are simply too easy to even try.

What is your experience with this?

Difficulty? - AdmiralGeezer - 01-11-2016

Heh well, we still get some complaints that "easy" is still too hard Smile But all in all it's in a pretty good shape right now when looking at the feedback. There could be a reason to implement one even harder difficulty than "hard", we are thinking about it.

Difficulty? - Nikita - 01-11-2016

Yes,there should appear "insane" difficulty!That would be cool!)

Difficulty? - VaylinArcher - 01-11-2016

I only play on Hard as well. It's the only way to fly Smile

Difficulty? - Forty In Red - 01-12-2016

I only play on hard.

Want to make it even harder? Don't use fighters.

Even harder? Don't use anything other than a starting ship (eg nightingale or weaker).

Really want a challenge? Only use human weapons.

Difficulty? - Nikita - 01-12-2016

Its suiside!Lol

Difficulty? - noncom - 01-12-2016

@FortyInRed I'll try that on my next game Big Grin However, there's one thing I am concerned with - won't this turn into a positional war, when I, if being conscious and lucky enough, manage to stay alive, but be simply unable to make any progress due to the fact that it will be impossible to even approach enemies with such a setup? I imagine that in order to stay alive I would have to always hide and retreat, and will be beaten by the mathematics? What do you think?

I will try that of course once I finish my current run Smile

BTW, now playing withough fighters/carriers, but no other restrictions.

Difficulty? - Nikita - 01-13-2016

Its enough to take BSE Armada and 5 death rays and if you'll be lucky enough in finding 1-2 death rays at the beginning of your run,its 100% you finish the game with awesome result.Its my experience,this tactics always works.Only one ship)))

Difficulty? - VaylinArcher - 01-13-2016

Just completed hard with no carriers and posted my highest score. However, it wasn't easy. The thing that usually got me was coming up against heavy flak that would drop in on my battle or running into multiple ships with death rays in one battle. you really need to know what weapons the race is using in order to plan your attacks.

I have to say that the replay value of this game is amazing! Been playing daily for the last two months.

Difficulty? - joe1512 - 01-15-2016

I have just gotten to the point where I can beat hard...period. Let alone with much style-points. :-)

But that is what I am playing now that I have gotten used to the new features and challenges.