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Mobile update - nicko457 - 02-26-2016

When is the mobile update comming

Mobile update - Paladin27 - 02-26-2016

It was just released on steam yesterday... The devs estimate two weeks though. Its very nice to play with all the new toys on the big screen though. I simply can't play the mobile version now I have it, it seems so erm... lacking in comparison.

Mobile update - UncleMarty - 02-26-2016

Don't be surprised if it takes a little longer than two weeks though. I think that was a little optimistic because pleasing the PC crowd after release will add to the workload, and honestly I think the PC version deserves the love. The good news is that all of the code and bug fixes will already be done for the mobile version when they switch over, so once the mobile version arrives, we won't have to deal with many of the bugs because the PC version has dealt with most of them!

I'm personally prepared to be very patient for the mobile version. I understand that Bugbyte is a small company with some AWESOME games, and they're making some very important steps in the gaming world at the moment. I don't want them to feel any pressure from me being impatient lol. This game is epic fun and it's so amazing to see the game keep getting support and upgrades. Bugbyte have my love Tongue

Mobile update - AdmiralGeezer - 02-26-2016

Thank you all! Your support means the world to us. We will try to keep our promise with the mobile version, I think we can do it. At the same time we also need to take it a bit slower now and recharge a bit, the pace has been overwhelming as of late. We have worked ourselves to the brink of exhaustion. It's not only the work but the stress with a new release, failing is not an option.

Thanks again, I'm truly grateful for having so understanding and supportive members in our community.

Mobile update - nicko457 - 02-26-2016

Thank you so much its nice to see a team working very hard for a good cause

Mobile update - Peely - 02-29-2016

I bought the game on Android a few days ago and am enjoying it immensely. Is there anywhere that actually lists the changes that will be coming in the update, so that I know what to look forward to?

Mobile update - AdmiralGeezer - 02-29-2016


We have also made the AI a little better. Let's see what additional content we can manage!

Mobile update - hobi - 02-29-2016

I have played both PC and mobile versions, but i cant see any actually different between those...

Mobile update - AdmiralGeezer - 03-01-2016

@Hobi. Look again. These are not in the mobile version yet:
  • An Endless mode for each difficulty level
  • 8 new playable ships, or was it 7. Can't hold count anymore Smile
  • Enhanced AI
  • Particle Turret
  • Missile Jammer

Mobile update - Azhrei - 03-01-2016

I hope the mobile update includes the ability to unlock the kickstarter ship for those of us who backed the PC version and also have the mobile version. That ship has become my favorite one in the entire list of ships. If only I could have 3 of them in a fleet... Smile