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Game sync - Anipo - 03-18-2016

Is it possible to retrieve previous games played? Have changed my phone however I cannot seem to find a way to sync my game to the original level reached in my previous phone, despite signing in...... Please help!

Game sync - UncleMarty - 03-18-2016

I copied a save from one device to another on Android before. Files were in data/data/fi.bugbyte.harbinger/files/
And I think I copied "cache","save" and "user".

Good luck Smile

Game sync - AdmiralGeezer - 03-18-2016

@UncleMarty has it right. The game does not have cloud save so it has to be done manually. Cloud save is something we want but we have to spend some time to build up the system. We want crossplatform cloud save as well.

Game sync - Dagger - 03-22-2016

Yeah having the game playable across different devices would be great. Can't exactly have the iPad at work :p