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User Guide - ndronet - 04-01-2016

Is there any user guide out there beyond the tutorial? Not talking about strategy guides but a users guides on the actual UI like what do all the icons mean, what happens when you click on them, how to do missions and read the missions screen, how the store works so you don't accident buy something you don't want, when you click on an enemy ship what do all those options mean, etc. I've been figuring out thing via trial and error so far but I know there are things I'm missing or not understanding. Thanks!

User Guide - duenor - 04-03-2016

Joe posted some guide notes and I posted one as a new thread in forums today.

User Guide - ndronet - 04-03-2016

Thanks but could you give me a direct link? I'm not finding any new thread from you and don't know who Joe is. Thanks

User Guide - AdmiralGeezer - 04-03-2016

Check here:

User Guide - ndronet - 04-03-2016

Thanks - but that appears to be more strategy. I'll give you an example. If I click on an enemy ship, a red hexagon appears on it with some icons. If I click on the icon it turns green. What does that mean? I'm assuming it's related to what weapons that my ships will fire on it... but does red mean fire or green? Also there is a ship icon never to that. What does that mean? This is the kind of info I can't seem to find anywhere. Wasn't there an official user guide created?

User Guide - AdmiralGeezer - 04-03-2016

You can target turret categories and hangars on an enemy ship with what you described. Green means your fleet is targeting the ship with what you clicked to be used.