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Lost progress - Tomyblu - 08-24-2016

It'd been maybe 6 months since I last played, but had put a lot of hours into this brilliant game.. I tried to download my progress from the cloud but alas, it seems to be all gone!  I can't remember exactly but I was past lvl 30 :/

RE: Lost progress - AdmiralGeezer - 08-24-2016

You can contact [email protected] and we can get the progress back Smile

RE: Lost progress - Reaper 3-1 - 10-09-2016

I have had the same problem just sent in for support hopefully they can restore my progress cause I really enjoy this game and I worked hard to get all the ships I had.

RE: Lost progress - AdmiralGeezer - 10-09-2016

Yeah! Just mail [email protected]