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Early playing - Epicguy560 - 09-09-2016

How do I play the game early?

RE: Early playing - AdmiralGeezer - 09-09-2016

We have planned some testing once the game starts being playable, but we will announce about that when the time comes Smile Being part of the community (Which you are by registering to this forum or to the quick subscribe in the development blog) will ensure that you will stay in the loop!

RE: Early playing - Rev-Firir - 09-27-2016

Hope that day comes sooN!

RE: Early playing - dcrogers81 - 10-01-2016

(09-09-2016, 03:02 AM)Epicguy560 Wrote: How do I play the game early?

Eagerly and Patiently waiting early release/beta testing :-)

RE: Early playing - fireredbull - 10-06-2016

hi just found out this upcoming awesome game from no way! cant wait to be aplha or beta tester!

RE: Early playing - Cosmik - 10-06-2016

Uhhh... i want to test it so much ... m(o,..,o)m

RE: Early playing - Bolinar - 11-13-2016

Would love to test this out. The style is nice bit reminesent on EA ds9 up down style. But idea is good.

RE: Early playing - TeamEndered24 - 12-21-2016

Does beta testers get a reward?

RE: Early playing - MovingTarget - 02-13-2017

(12-21-2016, 01:41 PM)TeamEndered24 Wrote: Does beta testers get a reward?

They get to play the game dont they?

RE: Early playing - CorvusVirtus - 03-08-2017

Good evening fellow gamers,
I am thoroughly looking forward to this title and I hope I can give my opinions and feedback if chosen.
I have been playing Rimworld since Alpha 5 and have watched that game develop into a gem.
Best wishes,