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DevBlog #6 - Mining pods - AdmiralGeezer - 10-12-2016

[Image: ACoolShip.jpg]

Looking at our game at its current state I have to say I'm damn excited, just the way it looks. I personally love the isometric view and our graphics guy is doing a great job with it. All of this said I know very well that if we don't succeed in creating a good game around all of this it is going to mean nothing. There is a bit of pressure there, but I'm doing my best to keep us on a good course.

We have been working on developing mining pods the past week. A couple of gfycats to show what they look like:

Time to create a jet pack for the space floating characters [Image: wink.gif]

Sign up for alpha/beta testing of this game when that day comes below:


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RE: DevBlog #6 - Mining pods - fireredbull - 10-13-2016

nice works! will this game release in steam? and early excess?

RE: DevBlog #6 - Mining pods - AdmiralGeezer - 10-13-2016

Steam, yes. Early access, maybe Smile