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Bug Report: Marines capturable. - joe1512 - 03-22-2018

Shilliea gained the ability to use the Capture Ray as part of the ongoing effort to hand out new techs to various species to help differentiate them.

A side effect of this is likely unintended and is very not intuitive.   YOUR marines can be "captured" by a Shillea ship that happens to have a capture ray equipped which will of course turn them back around on you.  Your ships will then destroy it, but it looks like the marines "bounced off" the enemy ship and is rather confusing.

ENEMY marines are actual "ships" with shields and a single weapon port, so they are immune to your capture ray, as one would expect.   But, your marines are still considered "fighter" class with no shields and no weapons, so they are targetable by the capture ray.

If a new release ever gets worked, please add this to the ToDo list.  Theres no graceful way that I can see, other than a straight up IF(ship!=marine){do Capture} //else do nothing   type logic so that the ray just fizzles.

RE: Bug Report: Marines capturable. - AdmiralGeezer - 03-22-2018

Heh! I can keep it in mind. It's debatable though, just so happened the human boarder is a fighter while the other races have something slightly bigger. There are pros and cons to both, humans can park a big ship close to target and target a ship to board that way. The enemies can warp in their boarders. Since the capture ray works on fighters it should technically also work on the human boarder.

RE: Bug Report: Marines capturable. - Tankari - 04-04-2018


RE: Bug Report: Marines capturable. - AdmiralGeezer - 04-04-2018


Haha! Well just go get it then! The game is available both in Google Play and Apple App Store. Smile

RE: Bug Report: Marines capturable. - Tankari - 04-05-2018

I thought I was in the forum for Space Heaven. There needs to be a rimworld esk games on the iPhone market