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Battlestation: Harbinger BUG REPORTING - AdmiralGeezer - 08-18-2015

There are bigger ships that have multiple hangars, they might not be exactly named as a "Capital ship" but they are just as big Smile There is at least one with 2 hangars.

Yeah the save works that way, although then you should have the scrap metal left when you return after you quit in that particular sector.

We have found a memory leak in the game, which should fix a lot of freezing issues! We will update soon.

Battlestation: Harbinger BUG REPORTING - Gilps - 08-19-2015

Lose support ships after quiting. Android.
If I leave the app it will save the ships, but if close the app right down it saves current position, current scrap etc, just your additional fleet is gone. Frustrating after building the fleet.

Lots of fun to play. A little to easy once you have the bigger ships unlocked.

Battlestation: Harbinger BUG REPORTING - ZokWobblefotz - 08-19-2015

On Android.

1) After progressing to the 3rd area and pulling up the map the game crashed (no big deal). After relaunching and hitting the play button however it brought me to the new game screen (ie. my save was wiped/corrupted/something). Many tears were had.

2) This may be more of a Google Play bug than yours, but: I set the Normal difficulty's all-time high score (11128, awwwww yeeeaaahh), but when I exited the map to the end game scoring screen I was connected to WiFi but so far out of range that it wasn't able to connect. I tried disabling WiFi and connecting via 4G but was still unable to connect and my score was never uploaded. More tears were had.

Additionally, as I was writing this, my coworker (playing on IOS) just showed me his map which had two sectors on the northern end that he was unable to scroll to (they were off-screen, like the map was too tall for the available scrolling limits).

Thanks for the great game and support! Super excited that you found the/a memory leak.

Battlestation: Harbinger BUG REPORTING - AdmiralGeezer - 08-19-2015

Got your error reports commanders!

Gilp, that is so strange. We will try to figure it out. Update coming very soon now, let us know if the issue persists.

Zokwobblefotz, yeah you with the hard to pronounce name. Do you have the newest update from Google Play? Also an ever newer update will come soon, your issues should be fixed then. Sorry about the high score and everything else!

iOS update was submitted a week ago to fix the map bug. It should be live tomorrow so then you coworker should be set to go and map fixed! There are some other issues with iOS, like formation screen background. We will submit an update right away once the current one has been approved by Apple.

Battlestation: Harbinger BUG REPORTING - ZokWobblefotz - 08-19-2015

Yup, not entirely sure when I downloaded it but I checked to make sure after reading through the rest of the posts in this thread Smile

Battlestation: Harbinger BUG REPORTING - ZokWobblefotz - 08-20-2015

This time I finished my run I had a solid connection and my score still wasn't uploaded =(

Proof I was connected to Google Play (there's an "unable to connect" message if the connection is bad): http://i.imgur.com/nbBzW2k.png

Proof of end game scoring: http://i.imgur.com/glcaNAW.png

Proof it saved the score: http://i.imgur.com/r9cVeg4.png

Is there some sort of cap placed on scores to prevent hacked scores? Are we playing "closest to 9999 without going over"?


Battlestation: Harbinger BUG REPORTING - unerds - 08-20-2015

not a huge issue:

when setting up your game, if you select a ship and then randomize the starmap, the ship resets back to default nightengale

again, it's a small issue as once you get familiar with it, you just randomize the starmap until you find one you like, THEN select a ship, but it seems like you should be able to make these selections in any order.

loving this game overall, i've been recommending it at every available opportunity.

cheers admiral! good luck out there.

Battlestation: Harbinger BUG REPORTING - Kirad - 08-20-2015

If you upgrade recharge time of nuke launcher it will increase not decrease

Battlestation: Harbinger BUG REPORTING - ZokWobblefotz - 08-20-2015

Notice it's a "Speed" Upgrade, not a "Recharge Time" upgrade. Last time I used the nuke launcher I don't think it even had upgrades, but I'm assuming Speed relates to the missile's velocity once fired.

Battlestation: Harbinger BUG REPORTING - AdmiralGeezer - 08-21-2015

No he is right, the recharge upgrade does add more time Smile We will fix it.