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RE: Suggestions - AdmiralGeezer - 03-25-2019

@Grabin. We will probably improve them at some point.

RE: Suggestions - Grabin - 03-26-2019

(03-25-2019, 11:57 AM)AdmiralGeezer Wrote: @Grabin. We will probably improve them at some point.

okay okay Wink

Oh and by the way, I talked about Space Haven to the streamer CohhCarnage, apparently he is very interested about the game. Smile Maybe if you give him access to the game he will help to reach the 200K goal Wink

RE: Suggestions - AdmiralGeezer - 03-26-2019

Yep =) We have given him access, hoping he plays it at some point!

RE: Suggestions - Grabin - 03-29-2019

Congratulation for the 500% fundraising, still 63h to go and I'm sure the funding will still keep going higher!

RE: Suggestions - AdmiralGeezer - 03-29-2019

Thank you, Grabin!

RE: Suggestions - AdmiralGeezer - 04-09-2019

From Discord:

Suggestion to differentiate the mood system from similar: a significant low chance (~10%?) that a low mood will result in a temporary buff instead of a break, a character rising to the occasion against adversity instead of giving up. could lead to some interesting emergent stories.