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Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - AdmiralGeezer - 11-16-2015

Thank you all for bringing issues and new features into our attention. We like to collect them here because then we can go through them all and see which ones we can manage to fulfill. Maybe it will be for Harbinger, maybe it will be for a new game altogether!

We want to bring in our community, you guys, more and more into our development. Ultimately, we make these games for you, so we feel the best results will come by listening to you guys.

Just remember that we have to work with a lot of limitations. Device limitations, time limitations and more. Most new features kind of throw the game balance, then we have to try to test it to make sure the game is playable, and offers a suitable challenge.

It has been great to see the forums become more lively Smile

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - Draikan - 11-17-2015

Are there any technical issues with increasing fleet size? It has the potential to add a lot of depth...

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - AdmiralGeezer - 11-17-2015

@Draikan. Yes, device limitations. More ships means more power needed from devices to run the battles. Some older phones would probably start choking.

We will think about this though, so it is not completely out of the question!

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - Lurkily - 11-18-2015

I have had a fleet of six bdfore, via filling out my fleet then having a level that gave me three civilian escort missions, without stations in between. Only had that occur once, though a fleet of five isn't terribly uncommon. Now if only I could replace the delivered civvies with my own ships. Le sigh.

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - Fleet Admiral Hood - 11-18-2015

The issue I have with not increasing the fleet size is an experience I had the first time I ever played on hard. I had made it just outside of the Wanderers' ship factory, and I was about to take it out, when I looked at the map and saw a fleet approaching. I waited for the fleet to catch up to me and they traveled through the sectors non stop until they reached me, so I had no clue how many ships were coming (I assumed it would be 4 or 5). They arrived, all 14 of them, and obliterated my fleet.  I experienced no lag. However, I did experience a frustration that at the very best, I'm expected to fend off 14 ships with 3 ships (however I only had one light carrier with 5 drones at the time this happened). Since then, I've been attacked by fleets of 8-10 ships, and although it's not impossible, I usually end the battles with only 1 ship remaining. So here's my idea: Just increase the max fleet size. If it causes problems, then the players for whom it causes issues will learn the limits of their phone's capabilities.  If not (because there's certainly a chance it will have no noticeable effect), then everyone is happy. Do it, for science!

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - Fleet Admiral Hood - 11-18-2015

Also, last thing for today, I promise (if I think of anything, I'll write it down and hold off until tomorrow). I was reading through this thread and someone mentioned naming the ships randomly. I think we should be able to name them ourselves. For instance, I shouldn't have 3 BSE Nightingales in my fleet, this makes upgrading them difficult because it is hard to tell who is who. Nightingale is the class of the ship. It is a Nightingale class light carrier. Its sister ships are also Nightingale class light carriers, but they should be named individually. Therefore, I'm not asking you to give up the "names" you've already designated for the ships, just allow us to give them an individual name of our choice.

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - Draikan - 11-19-2015

The names would be cool. Interesting point fleet admiral hood. I don't know how the game is setup, but if the device can support large enemy fleets, it does seem like it should support large player fleets.

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - steph - 11-19-2015

I don't think it's fair. Some Kickstarter backers pledged 100$ to name a ship.
Maybe the best solution is to add an incremental number after the name.

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - Lurkily - 11-19-2015

As indicated, the kickstarter contributors will still have named that ship class. Even if you manually rename the ship, the ship name would still be BSE Awesomesauce, Nightengale class light carrier.

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - Fleet Admiral Hood - 11-19-2015

Steph,the names govern to the ships will still be in the game, but not as the ships NAME. Lurkily and Draikan get it. For example if I want to name my ship after my favorite ship in Halo, the Pillar of Autumn, it would be called Nightingale Class Light Carrier BSE Pillar of Autumn.