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Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - unerds - 08-14-2015

also for environments: asteroid clusters/belts, debris like old chunks of destroyed ships, defunct space stations that may randomly launch projectiles or even explode cause damage to nearby ships...


some new quests would be a nice addition

defend space stations: the quest would have a turn limit, like you have to get to that star system in 10 turns to defend the space station.. the longer it takes, the more damaged the station is when you arrive.

destroy enemy space stations: maybe upon arrival at a star system with an enemy space station, you'd join a few NPC commanders in an effort to destroy an entire enemy space station...

some kind of race condition type quest: you're told that there is a package of resources at such and such star system, and that enemy units are now aware of it's position... you have to try to get to it before they do? (x turns)

maybe some kind of station capture mechanic would be fun: there could be a few neutral space stations at various locations around the map, you enter that star system and destroy all enemies to capture it... while the station is under your command, you get a trickle of resources from it every turn or even just access to new tech... if the enemy captures it while you're off elsewhere, all enemy ships get a little bit harder and you could go back to it to reclaim, giving you that little boost and bringing them back down a bit.

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - AdmiralGeezer - 08-14-2015

Thank you for the fine suggestions unerds! Keep em' coming if you dream up more. We are polling to get new ideas, both for this game and for new games.

We would want nothing more than for Harbinger to land on a stable revenue, which would give us bread on the table. That is all we really want. We would then be overjoyed to implement all kinds of new features and make the game even better. Time will tell how this goes, it is just so hard to keep on developing the game if it has stopped selling. So lets hope that doesn't happen and we get to develop it further Smile

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - Selgald - 08-15-2015

I really like the game, here some things that I would like:

- German translation is not the best, if you need help - just ask Wink
- Some alternate ways to get resources would be nice, too much grinding. More quests, item drops could change that
- Enemy point defence kills rocket very efficiently, mine not. Maybe add a ECM system that has a x% chance to counter a rocket
- More weapons, more ships, more upgrades, more content ^^
- Long term goals, maybe commanders that can also lvl up, they could have bonus stats to improve your fleet

Things that I dont like the most are the res grinding and my useless point defence Smile

I hope you make something big with that game ^^

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - JRN4 - 08-16-2015

the mechanics for space battle are spot on for ex the guns are not so acurate if you upgrade the rate of fire but upgrading accuracy makes them a little sower. The bigger ships are slow and turn slow like a real ship would. Fighters are fast and avoide the big guns but are nicely taken out by the support weapons/drones. My only suggestions for the future is make more campaigns with the other races like battlestation and include MASSIVE enimy captial ships for boss/mini boss missions.
I love also how the missiles itnore shieldsbut can be shot down shows good balance

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - jcook922 - 08-17-2015

I wish we could control fighter behavior better the way you could in the original battlestation. Bombers seem to have an offensive behavior and attack the enemy, but I wish I could automatically set my bolter drones or fighters to go on the offensive and attack the nearest big ship, or to go directly after enemy fighters and drones.

I think balance-wise, I would like the small hardpoints to be better at point defense. The enemy towards endgame is really good at shooting down missiles, but no matter what I do to my gatling turrets, they suck at shooting stuff down and sorely need an upgrade to make them track better.

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - AdmiralGeezer - 08-17-2015

Thank you for the requests so far! Keep em' coming.

Adding Boarding and capturing ships to the list of feature requests.

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - SamJermy87 - 08-17-2015

Damage to ships that affect modules depending where they are hit.

This gives potential to target certain modules first to even the odds.

Target weapons on the bigger ships, engine on Nemesis shuttle trying to escape etc.

This opens the ability of boarding ships easier if the ship is immobilised.

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - DaViylax77 - 08-17-2015

possibly a future coop mode? where 2-4 commanders can tackle a really hard map together? but a pvp system will be really hard to implement as many ships outclass the other. But coop and a last stand type of gamemode wouldn't be bad especially for a game like this! Also maybe add more ships? i hit level 18 on the second day of playing this and i wanna see bigger , more epic looking ships. The Armada alreadly looks sexy :3

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - DaViylax77 - 08-17-2015

Coop mode maybe? 2-4 players can tackle a really hard map together , they can share items dropped so if a flak cannon is dropped by a trolgar everyone can pick it up if not people will be fighting over items. Roaminh friendly npcs sound awesome and maybe a last stand mode? 2-4 players can try their best to outlast continous waves of enemies and between each wave a trading ship jumps in for the players to repair and buy new stuff?

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - Sliderpro - 08-20-2015

First, thanks for the game.

Feature suggestion:
Second - I suggest to make survival mode.
I would try to be as detailed as possible. It should be like so:
there are 3 systems. I think they are "The enemy avantgarde", " the Moon" and "the Earth".
Last is "the capital", where enemy should not get, or, where the biggest space station is. Second is the just big space station + you. 1stnd is the system with factories + ridiculous amount of enemy defence fleet (so you wont be able to jump from your system away to the enemy, because you have to stay your ground, as the enemy will momentarily jump to your previous system, and even if you try to chase, they will get to the capital and its 100% game over).
So, as you may have guessed, each turn enemy ships will spawn to teleport to you. Why not jump all the fleet at once? because they are damn aliens and they underestimate you too much. After each attack, you can go all over the place and collect stuff. Also I suggest to increase destroyed ship rewards. More debris, damn it! It looks sooo cool. Also I suggest some REALLY big and hard-ass ships, like " The Carrier", "The (star) Destroyer" and such, IF you can get enough debree to afford them. Additional ship part is optional.

Also, this MAY be the foundation for multiplayer in future. You would need some server to house 2-5 players vs hordes of enemies, but daaamn it could be so much worth it and I hope things good enough to invest in something like that.
I think its like a Coruscant defence from Star Wars, if you watched. Or a Mass effect 3 if you played.

Defend the damn Earth from goddamn Alien scum!

Okay, thats for the big one.
And the smaller one is - can you pls add SOME sort of something, so we could add ships of our own, really? It doesnt look like it is very hard, but..after each play, rank goes up and we kinda quickly run out of ships...and if we could add our own collection on top of yours..well..it could be cool...or maybe some oversized turrets..or even enemy ships..
Cmon, game asks for it just so hard. Its not that I want to make star wars nod for the game..OOOPS I TOTALY WANT IT U DIDNT HEAR A THING.

Another thing to suggest is..khm. MAYBE its just me, but I think, that ships should be ~20-30% bigger. Oooor the drones and fighters should be ~50% smaller. Kinda no way that these missile bomber ships are THAT big.

The other thing would be to add rocket and missile drones for yourself. Maybe these rockets are hard on the cpu, but still, maybe fewer drones and stuff..

Just some thoughts:
The other thing is, that I think, your game uses too small gpu power and uses mostly cpu. MAYBE its just my firmware, but..kinda get the feeling. I just hope VULKAN api will come with 6.0 and you will have a chance to add more stuff without having to use nuclear power

Another thing which I just said is to add power generation. Generators power the shields beneath the armor, so there can be few choices: more shield/sec, more energy weapon power, more any weapon fire rate,more ship mobility and maybe something more. Preferably, each generator type will be some single speciality and maybe drawbacks. Simple slot to add it somewhere in the corner is required.

Another thing - I think, that las beams are a bit too underpowered vs shields. They have average range, nice accuracy, but without vs shield upgrades, laser beams will hardly deplete any shields later in the game, compared to las cannon, which does its job just ok without any upgrades. I get it, this is kinda a sometimes-I-fire-and-devastate-everything thing, but its kinda too weak without being just fully upgraded for a HOW MUCH COOLDOWN? 4-5 Seconds.

I see you tried to balance hull vs shield thing. Its 100% IMO, but I think that hull falls just TOO fast without shields. Especially vs gatlings, where 1 enemy gatling can just kill you in 10 seconds solo. Maybe you need to add a damage modifier, namely armor. Or just more hull. But I think armor is ok enough. Find armor schematics in space and manufacture it for yourself to reduce your movement even more and get more damage reduction in return. Maybe get 45% damage reduction at max with high movement penalty. Or just -X damage per shot taken. This will really balance long range vs short range.

More debris, pls. It looks so cool, yet so few pieces drop from enemy ships. I dont mean that value debris, but visual pieces.

Its just my wanting, but I would like a Titan beam, if that rings a bell. Its a fixed turret (no rotation) beam weapon with very high shield damage and high hull damage, but it has a long cooldown (consider it single fire weapon for fights) and you kinda need to aim and move your entire ship so that ship nose will point at the enemy and its kinda dodgeable, if enemy could take such punishment long enough to escape.

I hope you'd catch up on my stuff and wont simply forget it, I m kinda open to questions, so feel free to say anything.