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Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - Kirad - 08-21-2015


Here is the adress if it does not work

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - Hitman - 08-21-2015

I know that graphic is not all but the 3D space grafic from Vega Conflict or Galaxie on Fire paired with the Harbinger gameplay whould be total awesome! ☺️

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - DaGurggles - 08-21-2015

I would love to see more detail when buying new ships.
-How many red (main battery), green (Hanger decks), and blue (sub-weapon systems) options can each vehicle take.

Hull and Shield should be displayed under ship details (green button)
- Current/Full view to know if its worth making the repair.

Cooler animation for "Jump"; B5 always had that awesome vortex, I want to see something like that.
- Animation is First contact is different and is cool to look at.

Add dedicated "Jump Gates" to launch from one side of map cluster to another.
- This could add additional play options as invasions (add into survival mode?)

Add Home Planet Invasions or launches
- This mode would have a person collect money for a very large fleet and could move around a map cluster to invade and capture a planet; this could help gather more resources to build battlestations in a larger universe.

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - DaGurggles - 08-21-2015


Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - AdmiralGeezer - 08-22-2015

From a commander at Toucharcade:

just a few suggestions. i really enjoy the game and think the following can help make it greater!

- fighters should be able to target other fighters manually if i want them to engage in enemy fighter craft or more importantly, so they can hunt down that one pesky fighter that keeps me from finishing that level because my main ships can't take him out with slow weapons.

- more weapons, many more weapons! more variety.

- ability to name/rename personal ships.

- have ships stop trying to shoot down missiles AFTER it has passed their ship. i notice both my units and enemy units will chase down missiles that have long past their bow. it's not affecting them so why bother? it takes them out of the battle.

- full screen (i know you're working on this)

- cloud save possible?

- ability to see which space sectors i already visited?

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - AdmiralGeezer - 08-22-2015

From another commander:

Can you guys unlock the exp limit ? after a long easy game, my exp gauce fill 3 times, i thought i could level up 2 or 3 levels, but it's just level up from lvl 2 to lvl 3. It's ridiculous

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - Kirad - 08-22-2015

Shield types
example: Laser shield (takes 50% damage from laser weapons)
Projectile shield (takes 50% damage from projectile weapons)
And more...
Side weapons will take down missiles first
Kinetic Plasma Launcher fires Plasma balls every 4 seconds at far range
EMP fires every 8 seconds and disables enemy's main weapons for 2.5 seconds

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - AdmiralGeezer - 08-23-2015

From a fine commander!

1.add booster on ships .. its so slow
2. more ships and have categorys like carrier,fighter,transporter,destroyer etc.
3.add more design on backgrounds , like moving backgrounds and other props
4. data usage analytics to automatically identify whats the problem,cause, lag, bugs and others Smile
5. add more campaign
6. soon multiplayer plugin patch Smile local and international and cross platformed? ios and andriod.
7. add more sounds in the guns, backgeound music, other sectors, theme
8. graphics , like shaders but just a little that fits the app choice Smile so its not too laggy Big Grin
9. work on latest app maker, andriod os like 5.1, upgrade computer like when editing
10. quality Smile

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - DARKKi - 08-26-2015


Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - DARKKi - 08-26-2015

Damn, i could not edit my post. It just pointed me to this page: http://puu.sh/jPxJd/ab706967f4.jpg Tongue

But what i wanted to know was Admiral Geezer said something about ability to go Fullscreen and i thought the only version out there was mobile. Is there also an PC version of this available? I only found one in Steam but that was only at Greenlight state, not buyable? Or did i understood just something wrong Tongue