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Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - AdmiralGeezer - 09-11-2015

We have listened and we have started work on a content update! Of course we can't implement everything for this first update but there will be a lot of new things coming. We will make an announcement very soon. Stay tuned.

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - Pautaniik - 09-13-2015

Admiralgeezer "fleet upgrades for more ships, create your own faction, commerce, becoming a pirate, owning enemy ships by boarding,more maps and variety and a better rpg feeling,like starsector"... daammm that sound very good!!!!!! I love to see the update i can't wait

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - AdmiralGeezer - 09-13-2015

From a fine commander:

Have the same top down view of the ships in the formation screen as we see in-game. It's frustrating when trying to set up a defensive formation not being able to see what defenses each ship has. For example: I build up to three Nightingales. I then like to put them side by side. I'll position lasers and gatling guns on the outside of the two outer ships, then the shield boosters on the inside. Man, just try doing that as the game is currently. It's a time consuming challenge going back and forth between the formation menu and the in-game to see if I've gotten it correct.

It'd be nice if there was a way to set the ships up to move in a block formation. It's a shame seeing my defensive formation completely fall apart after directing my ships to move in a little closer to an enemy target.

Maybe a play through 2.0 after finishing a campaign? I'd love to be able to play through a campaign a second time and just watch my beefed up Nightingales and their 15 maxed out Bolters just wreck everyone. It's the most satisfying feeling seeing the fleet I worked so hard to build up zipping all over the screen just blasting everything blowing everything up. Once I get to that point towards the end of a campaign, it's bummer knowing I'll just have them all disappear. But a second play through with the same ships, maybe worth half the XP so people can't exploit the system too badly would be a ton of fun.

The XP/Scoring system could stand to be tweeked a bit. Maybe a points catagory that accounts for number of ships+upgrades. The reason I mention it is I've had campaigns where I get a lot more creative with my play style, but don't make it as far. I had a game yesterday where I played the easy campaign for nearly 3 hours. The reason I took so long was that I was building resources in order to be able to afford different ships, weapons and upgrades. Just experimenting. When one of those experiments failed, I ended up with less XP than had I rushed the campaign and finished it in 15 minutes. It'd be nice if there was a little reward/bonus for the players that really take the time to explore the sandbox you guys have created for us, ya know?

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - Bootman - 09-22-2015

This game and Out There Omega need to put on some Al Green and make a baby.

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - ratilican - 09-23-2015

Instead of ship slots maybe turn it into a resource. you have 20 points to build your fleet, a carrier costs 10, scout ships cost 2. As you level you could increase the cap meaning bigger fleets. This would also give a reason for varied fleet configurations besides just getting the best carrier you can get.

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - Draikan - 09-24-2015

That's a pretty solid idea ratilican. It does feel like the ship selection leaves a bit to be desired. I also don't understand why only a limited selection of the unlocked ships are available for reinforcements. I think the fleet points system you described would be especially effective if you could have more than three ships. So then maybe the choice is between two nightengales and one armada. That's a way different choice than choosing between a single nightengale and an armada. You could actually build a nimble fleet of smaller ships to dart around the map if you wanted. Right now that doesn't work because the lower tier ships are just a waste of one of the three fleet slots.

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - BrainScar - 10-01-2015

I don't like that missles completely ignore shields
It would be neat for missles to do area of effect damage to a smaller degree than their single target damage. This way if a ship has shields up it will explode the missle and take the lesser AOE damage.

It would be neat if after unlocking all ships exp could be applied toward ship attributes. Getting rocked immediately after entering a sector, or having a battlestation get overwhelmed is frustrating after you don't earn anything on the playthrough.
Actually, any form of being able to upgrade your ships would be nice , such as an increase in hull, thrusters (speed and turn speed), scanner sector distance.

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - MichiganExposure - 10-05-2015

I think some kind of preset fire patterns or defensive/offensive ship move patterns that can be implemmented with 1 button would be helpful.

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - Psydev - 10-05-2015

Some suggestions on handling repair drones / the repair beam:

- You should be able to select which ships get repaired if one has the repair beam. Alternatively, it should automatically select the most damaged ship and repair it, if it's in range.

- Repair beam should always prioritize capital ships over fighters

- Repair drones should never repair fighters during combat. It's terrible to lose a ship because your repair drones were repairing some fighters over there (sometimes following them and themselves getting killed). Perhaps they should not repair fighters ever (or at least not when there's a big ship with damage).

- Repair beam/repair drones should repair all your ships automatically after combat the same way shields do (no waiting).

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - Draikan - 10-06-2015

These suggestions regarding repair behavior are really important. Considering how strong fighters are, I would go one step further and just prevent fighters from being repaired by other fighters at all. That way you have to be careful to protect your fighters. If you send them into a situation where they all get destroyed, your capital ships will be vulnerable. Right now fighters are too strong because they have no real counter. Their weakness should be that they can be destroyed and take time to come back. As they are now, they get repaired and respawn to fast for it to really matter.