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Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - Decados - 10-20-2015

A weapons rebalancing. As of now I don't have any reason to use anything but missiles / nukes and fighters.

I feel it a shame that you have all these cool weppon systems that I don't use at all. Especially the ballistics. Cannons are cool.

Also having better point defence and secondaries would be cool. As of now all I take is bolters because they stop missiles and seem to be the only guns that can hit anything.

Missile as they bypass sheilds and have good range. A weppon that does damage and hits every time? Why would I used anything else. And so I don't.

And fighters because, death at range that will occasionally block a shot intended for you, super good.

Long story short you have a bunch of cool stuff I don't use because its not very good and I think that is a bit sad.

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - Decados - 10-20-2015

Also if bombers could be re worked so they are useful or worth taking.
Thank you

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - AdmiralGeezer - 10-21-2015

Yes, we will re-balance the whole game! But there has to be something bad, if everything was good then those good weapons wouldn't feel so good!

But we will surely try to make the game better balanced than it is now. Please don't be mad at us for changing things, we will always listen to the feedback.

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - Lurkily - 10-29-2015

Movement is a big thing for me. Formations don't stay formed if ship speeds are different. Movement must be micromanaged to chase a ship down, when 'follow this ship' should be easy - and automatic, considering how tedious it is to chase down rocketeers.

You should be able to chase an enemy ship - give enemy ships a button or something. Micromanaging a missile-ship chase is boring, especially when you need to get in gatling range. Ideally, I'd like a set of chase orders that maintain different distances. One order to try and stay in range of your longest-ranged weapon, and keep your distance, (for rockets and missiles,) one to stay in range of your shortest ranged main gun, but out of small-gun range, and one order to get right into the enemy's face so you can pummel them with small guns.

Ships should move in formation - I have lost more than one colony ship because, while chasing down a rocket/missile ship, the colony ship charges ahead to the move point. Ships in transit should move in formation, not beeline to rendevous into a formation.

There is one big problem I forsee with this. Weird manuevering. When turning to face your destination, ships will try to swing around your ship to stay in formation, resulting in some wasteful and odd manuevering that may be frustrating.

The easy way to address this is to add a couple of simple rules to current manuevering. One, If ships outpace their formation slot, cut their speed to the speed of your flagship. Two, add a slight thrust in the direction of their assigned spot in the formation. (Manuevering thrusters.) That will let it catch up, or back up, or nudge themselves sideways into their slot.

This will also permit ships to begin turning to face forward in the formation before they reach the exact final point, and nudge themselves into place this way. This wouldn't change the balance of their handling much, but it might make their handling flow a little more naturally and organically. Right now, movement can seem robotic.

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - AdmiralGeezer - 10-29-2015

Hi Lurkily! You can move the ships individually, you can tap on your friendly ship and choose the green "down-arrow" button. After that you can choose the location you want that ship to go to and click ok.

It's not optimal but it's something! We will try to see if we can fix that formation movement better, so that they would stay in formation as good as possible.

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - FoxKing - 10-30-2015

Great job on the Kickstarter guys! To be honest I was a little woried at first, but the numbers just kept rolling in and before I knew it you guys were 300 dollars past your goal! My friend Josh and I pitched in and split a 30 dollar package Wink
What kills me about the mobile gaming market these days is that it is fludded with games trying to cash in by coping Clash of Clans, or Candy Crush- or Temple Run- and mobile gaming suffers for it. Unlike gaming power houses (like Nintendo- sorry, I went there) they focus on graphics instead of gameplay and what you get is a 45 megabyte game that is typicaly mediocre at best. Nintendo, on the other hand, always puts gameplay first, and dispite the fact that their older games haven't aged well- THEY HAVE BECOME LEGENDARY! Some of the old GameBoy games were 5-7 megabytes- Nintendo 64, 11-22 megabytes- and yet they still out class almost every game on the mobile market despite being less than half the size. My point is that if you put gameplay first and let graphics, story, and music be enhancers instead of demanders, then you can make something legendary.
Battlestation has the potential to be LEGENDARY...

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - Lurkily - 10-30-2015

Fox - unfortunate truth is, the graphics aren't usually the focus, the profit is. Copycat games are almost guaranteed a winning formula. Another sad truth is that technology makes demands of games. The hardware is one of the foundations of gameplay, and more and more, gamers are demanding that a game fully use that hardware's capabilities. As for gaming powerhouses . . . they stick to formula like anybody else, even if they don't fund half-assed carbon copies. Many developers cannot get a game funded by a big name unless they can argue that it resembles a previous, successful game. At this point, those companies often make demands of the game's final form, insisting that it include other previously successful themes.

Had a few more thoughts to share. There needs to be a way to turn scrap into upgrade modules - I end up overburdened with scrap and short on modules every time. It doesn't need to be efficient, but it needs to exist.

Lasers . . . should be the de facto missile defense, in my opinion. Their mechanics almost scream it. However, their implementation falls short. Their range is less than gatlings, and if fighters are present, they cannot often swing the beam onto a new target quickly enough to intercept. When they do, they're almost done firing.

My opinion on that is that gatlings should gain a little damage, lose a little range, and lasers should range out a little further, and permit them to fire continuously. This gives them a little more time to target incoming, and lets them continue firing on it even if they started firing before a missile entered their range. Also, missiles should take shield damage, not hull damage, to tip countermeasures in lasers' defense.

Battlestation stock needs to b be improved and varied. I tend to go with one energy cannon, all projectile cannons, and a couple of repair drones - or, one repair beam, projectile cannons, and fighters falling out of my ears.

Lastly . . . there should be some way to buy up random equipment drops, like the cases you find lodged in an asteroid. There are some interesting equips you can get out of those drops you can't get anywhere else, and those things hardly ever drop. I got some Celestial MK 2 beam thing the other day after playing the game long enough to reach level 16, and it's the first time I saw it. There's content being wasted, if it's never seen.

By 'buy', I only mean that scrap should lead to one of these random drops. It could be as simple as buying a one-time jump to an uncharted sector, with battle and a better chance of finding asteroids.

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - FoxKing - 10-30-2015

Harbinger: Extended Edition will be coming as an update for mobile too, right?

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - AdmiralGeezer - 10-31-2015

That's right FoxKing! It's coming for mobile too. At the same time as the PC game is released at the latest.

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - FoxKing - 11-01-2015

Oh, what I ment was that its comming as a free update for Harbinger and won't be a seprate app.

Some things I would like to see in Harbinger: EE would be the ability to divide your fleet among different sectors so you can box in an enemy fleet. Also, the abiltiy to build Battlestations (for a ton of scrap). The enemy should try to take out your stations with a large fleet, making defending your territory just as important as attacking. Prehps you would recive a distress signal when one of your stations is under attack. Smile