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Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - Kirad - 11-07-2015

-missile ship from battlestation first contact (BSE Falcon) 2 heavy mounts 3 side weapons speed 22.5 thrusters 26.3 health 1000 shields 250
-battle ship from First contact (BSE Zephyr) 2 heavy mounts 6 side weapons speed 16.2 thrusters 10.8 health 1350 shields 400
-carrier from First contact (BSE Lancer) 1 heavy mount 4 side weapons 2 hangars speed 15 thruster 16 health 600 shields 700
-faster gatling fire rate x1.5
-add ranks (lvl.1 Private (no bonus) lvl.3 Experienced (5% scrap bonus) lvl.7 Veteran (5% thruster rotation speed,10% scrap bonus) lvl.12 Elite (10% speed bonus,10% scrap bonus, 5% thruster rotation speed)...
or if you level up you will get skill points and you can upgrade commander's skills with them

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - Kirad - 11-07-2015

+Smaller fighters and bombers, because the ships optically became larger

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - Kirad - 11-07-2015

+sniper cannon (heavy weapon) range 2400, hull dmg 200, shield dmg 35, reload 6, accuracy 85
+proton sword (shrotranged laser,side slot) range 250, hull dmg 35, shield damage 50, reload 2, accuracy 100
+rail gun (side slot,shots purple deadly rail) range 1200, hull dmg 350,shield dmg 35, reload 8, accuracy 60
+battery slot(increases ship stats)
+ion battery speed +1
+kinetic battery thruster +1
+magnetic battery speed +0.8, thruster +0.4
+atomic battery speed +0.8, thruster +1.2

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - Druganicus - 11-10-2015

Howdy all,

This is an awesome game! Sort a mix between the old Starfleet asci game and FTL. Thanks for a great game and I can't wait for the big update.

My few suggestions, if you're still asking,
1) I agree with a crew component, nothing game changing, just a named officer or two (depending on size of ship?) that grants a small bonus to a particular stat.

2) Random ship name generation within the ship class.

3) Interesting RPG random event generation, again nothing that necessarily changes the game, just things like crew conversation, interesting phenomenon, mysterious alien ships that warp out as you warp in sort of things.

Looking forward to it!

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - Druganicus - 11-11-2015

While not a feature of BS:H, a living wallpaper with BS:H ships fighting it out would be cool. I have one on my tablet that is similar but the graphics are blocky. One using BS:H graphics would be nice.

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - Lurkily - 11-12-2015

I would be worried that having the game engine constantly run would be a vicious battery drain.

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - Chocwise - 11-14-2015

It would be nice to be able to leave behind ships to defend systems.

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - Chocwise - 11-14-2015

It seems I can't edit my previous post, so here's a new one. :/

There should be a behavior setting for each ship. I know you can break the formation manually. But micro-management like that becomes very tiresome. Especially if you plan to increase the fleet size and ship's speed.
Defend the main ship / Defensive
- Gets in the line of fire to protect the main ship. The main ship is the most important one. If it gets destroyed, the game is over. So you should be able to sacrifice the other ships first.
Hide behind other ships / Passive
- If you have an artillery ship that's weak otherwise, it should have this option to use stronger ships as shields.
Melee battle / Aggressive
- You could set this option for a fast ship with a good hull and shields but without long range weapons. It wouldn't leave the formation completely but it would move away towards and enemy ship to a certain distance from the main ship.

Maybe also make these settings possible for drones. Especially repair drones are, IMO, too prone to being destroyed because they don't try to avoid being in the line of fire. For the drones setting them to 'hide' would have the downside that they won't move out to attack. Also the repair drones wouldn't move out to repair other ships than the one they're attached to.

This would add another strategic element to the game and take away stressfull micro-management during battle.

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - Lurkily - 11-15-2015

I like your formation suggestions. An easy way to implement this would be to make formation relative to the targeted ship. (Tagging a formation as relative versus absolute.) That is, if you are in a default formation and passing an enemy on your right side, your formation mambers would swing off to your left, to keep the formation angled behind your ship, instead of your ships' bows.

From here, you have a low of flexibility. By permitting a user to save a formation, you can put together aggressive or defensive formations that serve your needs, which adapt to the enemy's position.

This would permit very (apparently) complex formation behavior, while keeping the rules that formations follow relatively simple.

I hesitate to suggest more intelligent drone management. Even if balanced for less effectivemness, drones are very simple to handle and fight with, requiring little oversight. I would hesitate to give players even less involvement in drones by permitting them to wipe a map by simply selecting an aggressive behavior model for drones and letting them loose. It would almost very upon a game that played itself, which . . . . . . . . can be done well, but in my opinion, isn't what Harbinger aims to be.

Battlestation: Harbinger Feature Requests - AdmiralGeezer - 11-16-2015

From a fine Commander in the community!

Hi guys!

I wasn't sure if I could keep in touch with you through our old Kickstarter conversation so I figured this was a safe bet.

Anyways, I've been thinking about the new content a lot, and I was wondering if you considered your other Battlestation games as sources of inspiration? There are elements in those games that I thought you would include in Harbinger that isn't in the current Harbinger version.

In Classic, you gave us the ability to target an individual aspect of the ship, such as a turret, the shields, the hanger, etc. This made battles more tactical than plain frontal assaults.

In First Contact, the turrets we could build depended upon what technology was uncovered, which in turn depended on how long the Battlestation survived. This, or even a tech tree that we can use scrap (or a new form of currency, which goes solely towards research) to grow.

Also in First Contact, we had the ability to send out a boarding party and take control of an enemy ship. This would be a really cool feature in Harbinger, and I truly hope you consider it. It would be even cooler if the AI could try to board the players ship as well.

Although this is not an old feature, I think it's worth mentioning. Is there any possibility you will increase the max size of the fleet? My only issue with the current max size is that 3 isn't really the number that comes to mind when I hear the word fleet. To me, a fleet includes at least 7 ships.

That's all for now. I hope everything is going well at Battlestation HQ!