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Battlestation: Harbinger Piracy Rate - ratilican - 09-23-2015

have the numbers improved?

Battlestation: Harbinger Piracy Rate - eric.dunham - 09-25-2015

Just a wondering... Could you set up ads in the game, with an option to buy them off? I really hate ads in games, but you could always be creative about it, say take the ads off when they buy the game. If you were to build it into the game, then hopefully even the pirated copies would pay you something.

Just a suggestion, even though I bought the game and would happily buy any new releases after playing this one.

Battlestation: Harbinger Piracy Rate - Drefsab - 01-25-2016

Just on a side not I pirated this game, I played it I really enjoyed it then proceeded to buy it. Far far to many games are either pay2win or full of adds or just plain not as good as it seams. This game it turned out was none of those so I then supported it. I certinatly was not going to buy it find out it was not what I execpted and then uninstall it never to be used again (as has happened before).

Sure there are those that will always pirate no matter what, you shouldn't look at them as lost revenue because if they couldn't pirate the game they wouldn't have bought it anyway.

Battlestation: Harbinger Piracy Rate - simondarksidej - 01-26-2016

Piracy is what it is in this day and age, many are honest gamers and will pay for content.

If the rate is too high for you, then simply consider another monetisation model, like Classic and BattleStation, having a portion of the game free and an "unlock" option for the rest of the game (but just one change please, didn't like the multiple charges on the original)

What I would also say, it's don't put a fixed price and make it a scale or multiple options. I've found that if you have a Support / Donate button with multiple options, those that really like the game will offer more. Especially in return for more content.

I'm loving the game on Android and have played through many times. Keep up the great work.

Battlestation: Harbinger Piracy Rate - VaylinArcher - 01-26-2016

I agree with adding a donate button. I got the game on sale a couple months back and would gladly pay double...or even triple that. I will gladly donate more money for more content. I haven't put this game down since I got it, and I keep finding new ways to keep the replay high.

I would love to hear an update about how you guys are fairing.

RE: Battlestation: Harbinger Piracy Rate - destroyer16 - 12-26-2017

im currently learning c++ to make my own games and i have an idea to prevent pirating:
when you buy a game on google play (and i think on apple app store too) you get an email receipt of your purchase.
when someone pirate it he gets non, does he?! 
taking that as base when first starting the game you need to create an cloud account and accept the AGB.
the game then checks if the player has gotton this email receipt, and if not...
it just spams the game with tons of ad´s and sends spam emails(about 1000 a second to slow done his wlan connection!) to the player XD
if you do that you will still get money by this assholes! SmileSmile XD

RE: Battlestation: Harbinger Piracy Rate - DARKKi - 03-18-2018


Just wanted to share few tips, i think you already might know about these but it does not hurt to post  Tongue

I presume that you are using Google Play Licensing and the License Verification Library (LVL)? If not those would be the easiest thing to add. 

One thing is to do code obfuscation (on important pieces of code), writing some important parts of code in C/C++ so it is not so easy to decompile (and write to .so files) and there are also some apps like ProGuardDexGuard, etc. From their site: DexGuard provides advanced security features tailor-made for the Android operating system. It offers protection against static analysis (code hardening). DexGuard secures your Android APK or SDK against cloning, piracy, tampering and key extraction by applying multiple obfuscation and encryption techniques. DexGuard also offers protection against dynamic analysis (runtime application self-protection or RASP). It secures your APK against runtime behavior modification by running environment and certificate checks. The combined layers provide the best protection for Android applications in sectors as banking, e-commerce, health, social media and gaming.

Also Tapcore is little bit interesting app too  Smile

And also having some code on serverside would help a lot with these but there goes the offline functionality though. Also it would be good to OpenRCE Anti Reverse Engineering Techniques Database so you know what you are against at. 

Hopefully this would help at least a bit  Cool

RE: Battlestation: Harbinger Piracy Rate - AdmiralGeezer - 03-20-2018

Hey Darkki.

Thanks for the suggestions! We just feel that trying to battle piracy by putting a lot of time into extra protection is ultimately a losing battle. Even AAA studios with their huge budgets get their games pirated. Also, forcing online mode is not something we have wanted to do.

RE: Battlestation: Harbinger Piracy Rate - DARKKi - 03-22-2018

(03-20-2018, 03:09 PM)AdmiralGeezer Wrote: Hey Darkki.

Thanks for the suggestions! We just feel that trying to battle piracy by putting a lot of time into extra protection is ultimately a losing battle. Even AAA studios with their huge budgets get their games pirated. Also, forcing online mode is not something we have wanted to do.

Yeah it is ultimately an losing battle but you can remove the number of pirated copies by implementing easiest methods of those i listed for example. That lowers the bar for people to pirate it as it is not so easy. Yeah i understand that forcing online mode on sp game is kind of a dick move Big Grin

But hope that post had at least some help (or reputation) Tongue

RE: Battlestation: Harbinger Piracy Rate - Nellove - 12-14-2019

there are forums for game pirates and cheaters, i guess they also know how to prevent product from being pirated