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DevBlog #28 - Space Haven crew heads out for a summer vacation and upcoming update. - AdmiralGeezer - 06-27-2019

[Image: edsNSgz.jpg]
HSS Destiny Rising created by Anatarist.

The HSS Destiny Rising, a deep-space exploration and peacekeeping vessel. Crew complement of 10, extensive science and recreation facilities, full industrial capability including 6 mining pods, and dual shuttle bays for maximum effectiveness in ship-to-ship combat. - Anatarist

Greetings, Spacefarers.

We are heading out for a summer vacation here in Finland. We contemplated trying to squeeze in an update before the break but ultimately decided against it as it would have lead to a hasty update. We didn't want to shoot out an update in a hurry, cutting corners and risking things breaking badly and then being unable to fix them as our crew are heading out for a vacation.

You are probably wondering what we've been working on for the past few weeks. We have been working on an overhaul to the resource system in Space Haven. While the current one has been working to a degree, we felt the resource tree needed to be worked over a bit to bring some more depth to the game and make new resources/products possible. This upcoming update will introduce new resources and facilities to the game, and the resource tree will become more fleshed out.

[Image: hvDZ9Vt.png]

Take a look at this sweet mock-up of the new resource tree! You can click and open up the image to give a closer look. Note that this is not final and might change, but we are aiming to have most of this implemented in the next update.

[Image: V7Xiiy5.jpg]
HSS Orion and HSS Ophelia created by Hrochnick.

Welcome to the cruise ship HSS Orion: sixteen spacious space-view cabins encircling a lavish garden style open living area that fulfils your every wish. The Orion is ably supported by the humble and functional factory ship HSS Ophelia, which works tirelessly to supply the Orion with everything it needs, always. When the apocalypse comes, don't just survive - thrive! The Orion, your paradise in the stars. - Hrochnick

[Image: 34QYZB5.jpg]
Awesome looking ship created by Kenji.

Some cool new features, which will be available in the next update:

  • A new resource tree with new added resources and facilities.
  • Ability to haul dead bodies and turn dead humans into human meat. If times are desperate...
  • Ability to haul dead alien bodies and turn dead aliens into monster meat. Time to become an alien hunter and sell that sweet monster meat for the best price on the market!
  • General improvements to the UI, such as improved resource categories in storages and ship resource management menus and the ability to customize which resources are shown in the top bar.
  • Backer names imported to the game.
  • So many bug fixes and UI improvements that we lost count!

[Image: ja4MfwE.jpg]
The HSS Star Helix created by Anatarist.

The HSS Star Helix, headed off in search of a new homeworld. Supports eight crew members in comfort and style along with all the industrial facilities they'll need to settle down when they get there. - Anatarist

[Image: ExGWX2f.jpg]
Check out the cool colors of our office chairs =)

Above is a picture of our cool little office, notice the awesome office chairs with unique colors for each of us. Our graphic designer decided to pair up his chair and water bottle with the same color. Thanks for reading and we hope you are enjoying the summer wherever you are! We will be back at the grind soon enough and really looking forward to bring you this update.

Stay tuned,
Bugbyte Crew

[Image: 9orwV6x.png]

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