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Savegame location - Tyralyon - 09-17-2015

Hello and thanks for a great game!
My issue is that savegames don't sync between devices (Android).
When at home I prefer to play on my tablet, but when I'm out travelling about it's more convenient to play on my phone.
I can probably fix this myself with something like DropSync, but I'm having a hard time locating where the savegames are stored?

Savegame location - Tyralyon - 09-18-2015

Ok, solved it. DataSync (requires root) can do the job easily with just a few clicks Smile
The location of the saves are in /data/data/ (can't remember the exact location, but you need root access and something like the app Root Explorer just to even view the files).

Savegame location - AdmiralGeezer - 09-18-2015

Ahh, great job! Was just about to come and tell you that yes the savegame is in /data/data somewhere Smile