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Better priority system - somabva - 06-28-2020

Are there already plans in place to let you give your facilities and logistics pads levels of priority? My crew are remarkably bad at picking tasks that are vital to keeping them alive, and while the new logistics priority functions are useful, they don't fix the core issues.
For example, my ship has one energy rod left. The crew member who has industry as their top priority... ignores this need and cheerfully makes fertilizer and circuit boards until the ship loses power and everyone dies. You can certainly make the logistics of that machine priority 1, but a full hopper does not actually make a crew member carry out the industrial task. Even manually assigning someone a work task will not guarantee they'll actually immediately go do that task - they'll all die in the cold void but at least they got a good night's sleep.
It would be great to be able to give each specific facility a general priority level, so that the logistics and functional tasks of that facility will take priority over other, lower priority tasks. Empty the airlock logistic pad before worrying about the compost logistic pad, for example. Feed power sticks to the generators before operating the circuit board machine. It would also be great to set a 'crisis' priority that would make everyone drop everything and support that task until it's caught up. The priority and crew tasking style of 'Oxygen Not Included' comes immediately to mind.

RE: Better priority system - AdmiralGeezer - 06-29-2020

Yeah, probably will be able to make it better. The logistics priority is not related to the task itself, so it doesn't help other than ensuring there is materials needed there.
However, haven't seen myself that assigning a task manually wouldn't work well and fast once it is given. Although, if they are too tired to work (out of energy) then that could stop them from carrying it out.

At the moment in these critical situations it is best to stop production with other refinery/assembler facilities and only leave the one needed on.