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Manual log for sectors map - Nadarian - 06-29-2020

Hi there!

During my first playthrough, I'm missing the option of being able to makeĀ a manual log for every sector you visit. This way, when traveling between sectors, you could write reminders about scavenged or non scavenged derelict ships, about asteroids almost fully mined... so if you rushed a few sectors to find energy minerals or something like that, you could easily know what sectors still have potential for you to come back.

Could be a manual log, or could be automated so you know what's left of interest in sectors that have already been visited!

Anyway, let me say THANK YOU for the work you're doing.This game has instantly become my fav of the year!

RE: Manual log for sectors map - AdmiralGeezer - 06-30-2020

Hello and thanks for the feedback and for the encouraging words! =)