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The Good, Bad and Ugly - danzig70 - 09-22-2020

The good: I want to thank the developers for a great game. Mechanics seem to work well such as shuttles arriving for away teams that are running low on oxygen. There are many additional examples of good game design.
The bad: Perhaps fuel extraction and usage could be tweeked a bit so that the entire experience isn't about mining for energy crystals.
The ugly: Please find a solution for abandoned player-owned craft. I spent alot of time and resources building a craft and had to leave the sector to find additional resources. Only to find, when returning, a generic pirate craft, player owned with a plethora of crew, instead of the craft I had constructed. I no longer have the craft that I had built and now have many more lives that I have to support. It is not worth the benefit of having the pirate turret, shield and scanner combo because there is no room to install gardens. This is very close to being game-breaking for me, but I can always load a saved game and just move on.
Anyways, overall a great game that is very engaging.

RE: The Good, Bad and Ugly - AdmiralGeezer - 09-22-2020


That abandoned player-owned craft thing seems to be a bug that happened =) If you can find steps to reproduce it you can report it with F11.

RE: The Good, Bad and Ugly - danzig70 - 09-23-2020

It happens after moving more than a few systems away and then returning to the original system. The player-owned ship is then represented as a player owned pirate ship with 10-12 crew members and no supplies. Happens consistently.

RE: The Good, Bad and Ugly - danzig70 - 10-08-2020

It seems to happen when you move more than three systems away and then return. This coincides with the distance when the detail of a system is no longer visible ie. asteroids, planets, resources are no longer visible.

RE: The Good, Bad and Ugly - AdmiralGeezer - 10-09-2020

Hi. Yes, the game does not save systems beyond that. It's a buffer which keeps save files smaller and also cloud saves functioning better =) We will see how it evolves in the future.