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Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback! - Lurkily - 12-08-2015

It should be noted that bolters have more upgrade paths, and can become incredibly effective at anything, though their range remains short, and a player is always short on upgrade modules.

Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback! - Draikan - 12-08-2015

Lurkily that is almost exactly my opinion of the point defense weapons. Lasers, due to their damage over time nature, need longer range so they can start applying early. The bolters are shorter range but can be upgraded further. Gatling are most useful initially, and definitely the cheapest option in terms of upgrade points.

I think it would make sense to add an accuracy upgrade to the gatling, and a range upgrade to the laser, and then give them a slight rebalance to bring them all in line. IMO they would be almost perfectly balanced at that point.

Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback! - jamus28 - 12-08-2015

I just beat the beta on Hard using an armada, but with the way the run went, I could have done it with a lesser ship. I've been through many runs on hard so far, difficulty has varied wildly. Randomness is not always a bad thing, but it was always at the extremes.

-One run with a memphis, I picked up 2 celestial death rays in the first sector alone. With 4 death rays, I still died to the unknowns because they swarmed me with 8 ships all equipped with multiple death rays.

-On winning run, I had no death rays, but used 7 schillae/wanderer rocket cannons in my fleet. I didn't even need more than 2-3 bolter drone bays. The unknowns seemed to have few ships and never swarmed me.

What I LIKE:
-Knowing what I'll be up against with the unknowns, I have to strategize early... meainng pick up as many alien rocket cannons as possible.
-Burst has valid trade-offs, usually making it a shorter range weapon.
-I love the vulcan cannon! The flak cannon goes in the gutter now.

What Needs Work:
-Dump death rays. These are boring game breakers, for the player or for the AI. The best aspect of harbinger vs other games are the slower paced battles. We don't need a super fast battle ender for either side. I'd like to see them done away with or made much much rarer. Laser cannons are fine themselves.

-Up close/short range fighting can be made a more viable option if certain ships were made faster. Skirmishers could run in with flak and point defense to deal with the enemy's missile ships.

-Too many hazard areas. Or maybe it feels that way because I have to wait for an FTL recharge too much. This is a bit boring. Maybe there can be a way to fast-charge ftl, with a trade-off.

-Missiles are too slow to be useful. The point defense on enemy ships is too good for them.

Keep up the good work!

Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback! - Bailywolf - 12-08-2015

One thing I wish I had was a scanner module - something I could use to get a readout on enemy ships, so I know what they're packing. An advanced scanner that would let me get readout data on ships before making a jump would be fantastic (blue/red scanners?).

Earlier talk of maneuvering and facing made me pay more attention to it myself in my runs - I've been getting much better results with line formations rather than the wedge, and medium-range strafing passes. The assault ship's forward triple light mounts finally made sense to me - it's a ship that can charge directly at the enemy with three point defense weapons up front.

It made me wish for a hull that had an invulnerable shield on one side, like a space mushroom, but to fire it would have to turn it's shield away from the enemy.

Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback! - Commander Steed - 12-08-2015

Last few bugs to report:
BUG - Formation setting doesn't persist when you save, quit and re-open.
BUG - Some (think it was Unknown) of the enemy bases have a hit box that is slightly too small, meaning that missiles and rockets pass through the edge of them.

Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback! - AdmiralGeezer - 12-09-2015

Reworked the drones a little bit, as well as point defense. Added also a "Missile Bomber" Wink

Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback! - UncleMarty - 12-09-2015

<quote>Added also a “Missile Bomber” ?</quote>

Ohhhh can't wait to try Smile

Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback! - DaViylax77 - 12-09-2015

@AdmiralGeezer , my battlestation harbinger did not update , it does not appear under my apps as i transferred it frm my old device and is using a new gmail account but i paid for the game in the past tho. Will my game still recieve updates? or will it be stuck in this version till i rebuy it? pls advise @AdmiralGeezer.

Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback! - Bailywolf - 12-09-2015

Missile Bomber!!!

Will this update break game saves? Should I end my current mission before updating?

Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback! - UncleMarty - 12-09-2015

There's an update out now and it has the bombers! I like what I see so far (few minutes).

It does kill your savegame (at least, it did mine) but this is beta, and I went into it knowing that would happen, so have no problem with it!

Will report back later on my opinions on the new bombers! Great work!