Battlestation: Harbinger arrives on Steam February 24th!



I'm here asking for your help. Once again we stand against a formidable enemy, the upcoming PC release is incredibly important for this small indie game company. The future of Battlestation is on the line.

We have now added:
  • An Endless mode for each difficulty level
  • 8 new playable ships
  • A few new turrets and facilities
  • + Whatever we can manage in the upcoming weeks

The PC release will be launched as the fully fledged out Extended Edition, after this we need around 2 weeks to update the mobile version. Future updates of Harbinger and the future of the Battlestation series depend on the success of the upcoming PC release, we need your help to get visibility. The industry is brutal for small indie game companies like us, and often a fight of survival.

Commanders, here are 3 ways you can help:
  • Share the trailer above wherever you can
  • Join this Thunderclap campaign:
  • And the biggest help you can give: If you can spare buying Battlestation: Harbinger on PC you will not only support us financially, you will also help push the game up on the Steam rankings list. Go to the Battlestation: Harbinger Steam Store Page and click the "Add to Wishlist" and "Follow" buttons. These will help us get more visibility for Battlestation: Harbinger and you will also join the community hub.

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    Open in browser:
    Open directly in Steam: Battlestation: Harbinger Steam Store Page

Watching this community grow has been a special time for me, and we will do our best to continue making great games for you in the future. I hope you are with us February 24th, Commander!

NOTE! We need around 2 weeks of time to update and test the mobile version after the PC release. Hope you understand.

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Perhaps you could contact some let's players and have them make videos. Many a true nerd's video on this game is why I bought it in the first place.


@Zekiah 2. Already mailed him Smile Go and give him a comment on some video, might catch his attention! Anyway, we are going to try to message as much as we can these 2 weeks before launch.


I will do the Review video as discussed before which should give some more visibility to the game.

O also plan to do giveaways of this game (giving them out for free) in my group/giveaway site which should also get people to know about this game and usually people who have not heard of it before might buy it afterwards (if they do not win it of course) Smile And i do not mind spending my money to giveaway these titles since that is what my page is all about.
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@DARKKi. You have mail!


Sounds great! I can't wait for the updates! Oh, and if possible, I think a Save button would be useful. Otherwise it sometimes gets a bit frustrating, having to start over and all that; especially as new players.


@Edmen12 its a rougelike game the more u play the more easier it will be i promise u ?


@Edmen12 - I thought this at first two, but after having played through several times I now feel strongly that we shouldn't have a "save" button. Makes it more fun. Besides, you'll be surprised how quickly you level up.

@AdmiralGeezer - just throwing this out there, I would totally pay for an update beyond the February extended edition. There are lots and lots of good ideas people have thrown out here that I'd love to see in game.


So the app users pay for the update and the computer users get it first. On top of that we have to wait two more weeks after that to get ours. Correct me if I am wrong but it sounds like your company is using our backs to usher it to computer gamers.


@CrossForsaken. "App users pay?" You mean Kickstarter backers pay, because they made this possible. Without their support it wouldn't have been possible, if you are one of them then you have my utmost gratitute. Once again this update will also be a free update, so there are no in-apps.

"Computer users get it first"
Well yeah, kind of. You are forgetting computer users haven't even played the game yet (And there are backers who only want it on PC, they don't have it on mobile), while you have played it for months. With most of the Extended Edition updates already out on mobile, you have experienced much of the Extended Edition way before PC users.

Anyway, there is no reason to make this "Mobile versus PC". The people that made this possible will get the PC version handed out to them right away. They are of course among the first with the possibility to play the game on PC.

"On top of that we have to wait two more weeks after that to get ours"
It was inevitable that one "party" would get this full Extended Edition first. There are reasons why we have to get the game out February 24th on PC and Steam.

You have to know that if we as a company make a mistake we are done, there is no Battlestation anymore. IF we don't succeed with our marketing regarding Steam, and the game fails to sell, we won't be able to work full-time anymore. Sorry to be so dramatic but that is the way it is, that's the pressure we live under every day.

Since we are a 3 man team there is only so much we can do. We aren't Blizzard or any other huge company, with resources to hire dozens of programmers and graphic artists, and put hundreds of thousands into marketing. If there is an urgency we have to put all of our resources into that, which again is that whopping 3 men Smile

I wish I could give you everything you want but I can't, we can't. Sometimes our decisions will suck for some of you. Like the game does not have cloud save, we just don't have time to make that right now. I can't stress enough how hard it is to make a living developing indie games. I have already watched our neighbor company shut down, after working side-by-side for 3 years. Now I'm trying to keep Bugbyte together.

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