Battlestation: Harbinger arrives on Steam February 24th!


@dkamouflage. Contact [email protected]


I would love it if I could sync the progress I've made in the Android version with the PC game.


So in around two weeks you will update the mobile version ? Wow


@AdmiralGeezer don't pay whiners like that no mind. You guys are doing tremendous for a 3 man team. All of us grateful, devoted and understanding fans of bugbyte and battle station get your plight. If I had to, I'd wait months more for extended edition mobile, just to play it. I'd even pay for the app again -gladly - if I had to. You guys are doing amazing with what you have, keep it up. Don't let the whiners pick at you about what you can't help at the moment. God bless.


Is there a set date for the mobile update yet
I love the game I can't wait till there is a endless mode I leave the alien factory alive just so I can keep killing them ? Great job on the game so far guys


@darlandd79. Yes, 9 days to go Smile March 17th. If nothing comes against that date business wise.


Awesome its so hard to wait ty

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