Possible Multiplayer for Pc in future?


Seeing pc has better interfaces and can handle more action on screen at once , why not implement a multiplayer in the near future , think of it like homeworld but Harbinger style. Each faction has their own station , big and small , each faction has weapons unique to them , their own tiers of ships too. The random idea i suddenly got was that you could have a pvp mode where you can have maybe 1v1 2v2 3v3 fights ,having each player pick their faction


They will then start off with the small station of that faction , a starter ship , some scrap and tech. Every minute they get scrap based off the station level. Only the station and the starter ship can be upgraded to be bigger and better and have their weapons and subsystems manually altered , while ships built after that have preset weapons and systems based off their faction. So in a sense when it is super late game the station and starter ship would be fully upgraded and be really important in power plays and they can be customised according to startegy or situation.


The objective would be to destroy the enemy station or maybe capture bases and win via attrition idk its an idea i got out of nowhere and i would only expect to see smth like this in a few yrs. And of course this can only be made possible on pc for sure.


@DaViylax77 wow, good idea! I was thinking of it too, especially when proposing perks and one-time items for the players to make the PvP more interesting.. There's one thing though - making multiplayer is a really hard endaevor. It's almost like making whole another game if the one you're making did not initially aim at multiplayer. I don't know what BugByte has in there, maybe they were creating it with multiplayer in the foresight, but as I see it, it would be not easy to do because of the game mechanics. There are lots of tiny objects that live for short time (like bolter shots, gatling bullets and so on). On one hand they do for very smooth experience and feeling of the gameplay, since, it looks like that each of them is processed separately. On the other hand, if we will look at the networking side of this - making this to sync on network is almost impossible. Some very advanced programming has to be involved, incorporatin prediction and tweening and corrections, which, as I see it, can turn out to be a complete rehaul of the the objects/particles system in the game, which is like making a completely different game, which is even more complex than the present one. I might be wrong, since I repeat, idk what's really in there, but I thought I'd share what I know, since nobody is picking up this thread.

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