Extended Edition part 2/2 Mobile beta test!



This beta test is to find out all bugs and faults so that we can fix them, we need your help doing that! So all of you who have bought the game follow the instructions below. NOTE! You have to have the game bought on Google Play or Apple App Store to participate.


Send a mail to [email protected] with headline "Apple beta test" and you will be invited. This beta test will not be open for long.



When you have joined using that link, go to my applications in Google Play and you should be able to update Harbinger like below:

[Image: Screenshot_2015-11-27-15-42-49.png]

Remember! Do not uninstall the game at any point if you want to keep your progress. The game does not have Cloud Save. Instead, join the beta test program and update the game with the official new version once it hits the store.

Please report all bugs and feedback in this thread!


Its strange,but only Harbinger and Courage have names,all other ship are "unidentified"...Also it would be nice to change ships unlock orderConfusedpeed is good,of cause,but not everything,IMO)Harbinger should be unlocked the last one:its slow,but really deadly!!!


Cannot drag turret in tutorial 2.

Device Information:
Device: iPhone7,2
iOS Version: 9.2.1

[Image: lvkZf9z.png]


Looking forward to testing.
My only real issue was that it was not possible to spend rp upgrading a ships armour somehow.

Everything else seems to have been noted in the upgrade notes, especially more supporting ships


I'm curious, why does it ask for new permissions? Now it's asking for detection as to whether a call is active, and the remote number connected by the call.


@Yensid. No permissions should have been changed. If I remember correctly those permissions are bundled up, that's why there are some unneccessary ones in there, when all we need is to know if a call is coming in to let the game behave correctly. But in order to do that we need to use a permission bundle, which has some other stuff in it as well.

I think you can trust us, I hope Smile


I received the email link for testing, and followed it. I got a little message on the page saying "you are a tester", but I dont see any links to update the app on that page, and no options on the Play Store either (only "open" or "unintelligible").


Sorry meant "uninstall"


@DeusComedis. You need to use the link with the same google account that you purchased Harbinger with. You can also try to reboot the device in case Google Play is lagging with the data that you are a tester.


Nice this shall be a blast alas.

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