Extended Edition part 2/2 Mobile beta test!


After doing some more tests, perhaps there is not a bug? did the size of the landing zone change to make things more difficult? I just don't remember landing on top of ships in other quadrants nearly as much as I do now.


@VaylinArcher. That should not have been changed at all Smile That would be some weird thing happening then. But the landing zone isn't really that big in the end, maybe you just noticed it right now.


@Morcadiss. These forums are a bit bad, so no Smile Let's chalking it up to being roguelike!

@Paladin27. Some pdw don't have sounds since that would make the total amount of turret sounds high, meaning battles would sound really messy. We have decided to cut down a bit to not have 100 sound playing all at once.



@AdmiralGeezer: That could be too...wouldn't be the first time Smile


@admiralGeezer is this still open?


@Dagger. No, the game is already updated in the store to have the full Extended Edition content!


Aww, I kinda liked the full on sounds but I understand.


Ships are way to close when the player ports in.. Everything nearly fits in on the zoomed in screen.. When zooming out the outside of the region is empty


From a fine Commander elsewhere:

So - ship movement - intercept command - lets you run towards the ship, calculating its current speed, heading and doing exact projection of where it goes. It could be nice since ships are always moving full speed.

Other one in the same manner would be 'close with broadside ' that would do almost same as above but would make sure that you are exposing your broadside to the enemy at all times, closing the distance to it.


I like that idea

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