Introduce yourself, Commander!


rexifelis, from usa

richard here, go by rexifelis for virtually all games
45 years old... play lots of games, FPS is a favorite, also love
rogue-like games... in space if possible (FTL!) had this game on my
wishlist for a while and there was a steam sale... and enjoying it more
and more every day!

usually 1 or 2 cups of coffee and a handful of crackers or cookies (whatever is open)

first game?
it would have to be a home version of pong. yes, i got to play it when i was about 6 or 7 years old... lol

first game i purchased for pc?
m1 tank platoon by microprose. i still have it! 5 1/4" floppies!


Greetings, Rexifelis!

Old school gamer! Microprose sure had some beauties.


i`am Dika(please just call me ender because it`s way better)From indonesia i`am a 12 years old

i know battlevoid series is when i lookup in play store for sci-fi rts game

another games i likeConfusedubnautica,gta,minecraft,and astroneer,i like open world(rts,survival,and sandbox games)

breakfast:rice+noodles+egg+fried chicken


dinner:veggies :-{

first game i ever played

command and conquer


Welcome, Ender!


thank you
i want to ask something
when is the estimated release date of battlevoid:humanity last hope,because the gameplay trailer looks amazing

BtW keep up the good work

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That project was put on hold 2 years ago due to a failed Kickstarter, don't know if we will come back to it :I We are working on Space Haven now, and it will probably require around 1-2 years of work to bring Space Haven to a great level Smile


Keep up the good work,also I actually think that you guys should stay on the battlesta..ehmm.....battlevoid series,it's already got a good rating on playstore and steam

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AYE Captain Geezer!

I' am Andy from Belgium where i live in the Flanders Galaxy and alrdy 32 years old, time flies doesn't it Smile first game ever played.. think it was a race game stunst or something else with airplaines.. all those spacebattles have left me with a bad memory Smile either way i know i played a bunch first day i discoverd. Favorite other game or games atm or homeworld, AI fleet command, Pillars of eternity, Distant Worlds Universe, dune 2,.. and so much more, but if i only could take one it would be AI fleet comand. What introduced me to 'Battlevoid Harbinger' is my love for space "indie" games, all sort. In my humble opinion you guys have delivered a wonderful game on first sight, still need to dig a little deeper and see if my bone is there Smile What i eat for breakfast, that must be a ladies leg and a cigarette Wink AYE AYE Captain Geezer and fellow comrades hold tight and let's dive back in space!


A big welcome to you T_Warz!


-Hi, I am Syariff from Malaysia. 26 years old.
-I found Battlevoid from Google playstore recommendation. From the picture it looks good. I download a couple of games on my phone as I work in an Oil rig offshore, when I feel I wanted to play game I would try something from my phone. My company provide for me laptop so I dont want to buy another for gaming. My company laptop are only good for working.
- Favourite game: I played game since I was 6 year old, brick game and PS1. At home I have PS 4. So, there are many previous favourite game , final fantasy 7, Need for speed series, Metal Gear Series, etc. Latest is The Witcher 3.
-Breakfast? Asian usually eats rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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