oh captain my captain.....NEXT ! (Let's Play)


Hey hello ! have a seat and grab a cup of tea...no that's the engine coolant...oh god !

My name is Dylucke and i have a Youtube channel called Dylucke's Den where i do Let's plays with a focus on indie games and develooers.

a few weeks back i was given a press copy and i thought i'd share the videos here with you guys ! I hope you'll enjoy them !

[ episode 1 - Lone Traveller ]

Our brave captain decides to go solo and cleanse some sectors of the celestial threat and escort an important freighter to his destination.

Watch episode 1

[ episode 2 - The Cycle of Life ]

Our brave captain sets out on more missions, but finds himself in a bind. Can he escape the onslaught or will he become space dust?

Watch episode 2

[ episode 3 - Space Dust ]

After the last captain became space dust, the new rookie captain has been given orders to decimate any pirates and/or aliens he comes into contact with, will he be able to complete the task set before him or also end up as a fresh new wreckage for scavengers to pick clean?

Watch episode 3

[ episode 4 - Cheap Shot ! ]

As captain's perish and get forgotten, new ones jump into the fray. This time armed with the newest ship design money can buy, our new captain sets out to vanquish the many alien threats in the galaxy!

Watch episode 4


Thank you very much for playing the game! Glad to have you part of the community.


Glad to be part of it ! the game is also very addicting Tongue


A new episode is up !

[Episode 5 - Underdog]

After just having narrowly escaped death our new captain gets reacquainted with the vacuum of space. Meanwhile another captain by the name of Archer has graduated and goes on his first missions.

Watch episode 5

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