Where'd my Progress go?


Hello so recently I had to do a Factory Reset on my Tablet, maybe I was playing in "Beta" or maybe I am currently playing in "Beta" I do not really know, however what I do know is that it signed me into a random user name as opposed to "Edmen12" and now my progress in the game is at 0 but the Achievement Board says I'm at Level 16. Can someone help resolve this issue as to why the game proress does not let me back at my Level 16?


Did you upload your progress to the cloud before doing the factory reset? We recently added the cloud save feature and you have to create an account and upload your progress, otherwise it will be lost I'm afraid Sad


It's alright, although I did not back up the data, I ended up just simply getting back the progress the good ol' fashioned way. Smile I can't wait for more future updates!


There is nice way to get lvl. Just go hard and die in first sector. I dont used it,but it works as well. If you dont prefer it,you are good! Big Grin

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