Battlestation: Harbinger now named Battlevoid: Harbinger.

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Battlestation: Harbinger will now be known as Battlevoid: Harbinger from here on out. As you may know we ran into some trademark troubles and had to change the name in order to avoid law suits and court battles.

To celebrate this event we updated the game with some new content:
  • New ALIEN ships to play with, unlock by collecting blueprints from enemy ships! 
  • A new human ship to play with, called BSE Trademark to celebrate this event. 
  • More ships added to reinforcements.

Hope you enjoy the new update and stay with us in our future endeavors! Smile


How do you get blueprints? Is it just super rare? I haven't found any


They are quite rare. When you look at the Alien ships in the start menu, the corresponding ships on the battlefield drop them when you destroy them. But they have a drop %, meaning they won't always drop.

And since the ships are more powerful you must get to map 3 and 4 to have better chances of encountering them. Happy hunting Smile

Oh, and when a blue print is collected it is show with the same red alert text messaging as "enemy ship present" and the like. You can also scroll the start menu list and see how many you still need to find for each ship.

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Excellent name, and I'm definitely digging the new update!  Keep up the great work you guys!  Big Grin


You will have online mode more forward


You know the Google leaderboard is still called Battle Station? Perfect opportunity to fix scoring? Beating my own high score these days, takes days sure like is recorded.

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What if you made an online mode for the game? Like, it could be a free roam multiplayer PvP and/or PvE modes? Its just an idea, but I hope this will actually be a thing in the game! Maybe more people will download this. I also understand you guys are currently working on another game, but you might wanna think about that.

Now for my review. Its a great game all around, and should have more downloads. Great work team! The ships are good, the enemies are different, and the weapons have upgrades. The game has some map twists and turns for even better gamplay! This is the best Battlevoid game you have made yet! Question time! What motivated you to make this grest game? I'm just curious. (Btw, I'm sorry if my grammer was wrong) Love the game all around. Thanks for making this! Big Grin


Multiplayer has been asked a lot and the short answer is: It would take a lot of time to implement it. It would essentially be a new game in many ways. Also, with so many bullets flying around in Harbinger it would be problematic, especially on mobile.

Thank you for the feedback and glad you like the game! We have more coming!

Our motivation was and always is to make a game that is fun and simply put just good, something that players like. A game that will keep us alive to fight another day in this business. Like every developer our dream is to create that very successful game one day Smile


(08-09-2016, 10:09 AM)Buddha443556 Wrote: Você sabe que a tabela de classificação do Google ainda é chamada de Battle Station? Uma oportunidade perfeita para corrigir a pontuação? Atingindo a minha alta pontuação nos dias de hoje, leva dias seguros como está gravado.

"Seria ótimo se pudessemos atualizar os jogos existentes. Infelizmente, somos apenas 3 pessoas e não é dinheiro ou tempo.

Estamos criando dois novos jogos, então espero que eles nos ajudem a permanecer vivos."

Esse é o motivo pelo os desenvolvedores não atualizarem os games.

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