Announcing new Battlevoid game! Battlevoid: Sector Siege.

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[Image: cwaukY7.jpg]

Battlevoid: Sector Siege - A methodical straight into action real-time strategy game for PC and mobile.

Commanders. It is my absolute pleasure to show you the first screenshots of a completely new Battlevoid game. This game was built from scratch using another game engine. We did this because we knew we had fans that wanted more to the Battlevoid series. For the past 9 months I have worked 6 or 7 days a week, 10 hours or more every day to bring this game alive. All the while our 2 other guys have been committed to Space Haven. We didn't want to announce anything prematurely, since we weren't sure we could pull this off. But we did! The game is going to be released on both PC and mobile, and it's looking like a game with great potential. Enjoy the screenshots along with a short start for a story.

When humans decided to form colonies in space, the mission was to find new resources, find more room for a growing humanity and make contact with new life forms. Humans quickly found out they weren't alone, and that the other life forms weren't friendly. The galaxy was in chaos, each new race humans encountered quickly turned hostile. It was like an aura of suspicion existed around humanity, marking humans as the cause of something evil.

[Image: KV7JQZf.jpg]
Start by selecting your crew composition, affecting various statistics during game play.

[Image: ZEVYBbt.jpg]
Equip your Battlestation with turrets, hangars and point defense. The Battlestation is your most important unit, capable of building ships.

[Image: W2199nl.jpg]
Design and build your own unique fleet to defend and attack the enemy.

[Image: bpKADhP.jpg]
Fleet construction under way!

[Image: IEswegN.jpg]
Your fleet is ready, Commander. Time to explore this sector for capture points.

[Image: BPPcnIt.jpg]
Capture point in sight! Capture points generate resources for you, the more you have the more you get. Beware, these points are also guarded by a race called "Guardians".

[Image: WyLtCcG.jpg]
You got the capture point, time to build stations to defend it from sudden enemy attacks.

[Image: uP3gP78.jpg]
Trolgar forces trying to take a capture point from you.

[Image: XXfGAb0.jpg]
You have the ability to build hangars capable of boarding alien ships.

[Image: D6vyQwd.jpg]
A transport ship makes it through enemy defenses! An epic battle takes place within the enemy ship.

[Image: jUC7sX3.jpg]
Success! You have boarded and captured an alien ship. You can now design and save it to make your Battlestation capable of building clones of these alien ships.

[Image: YEKOnmq.jpg]
Time to build an alien ship and add it to your fleet.

[Image: fYmMk3R.jpg]
The enemy has its own Battlestation, building ships, trying to capture points and ultimately wanting destroy you.

[Image: nGEhpnO.jpg]
You have the ability to research new technology, better vision scanners, improved resource production and new units among many other.

[Image: Ip39iNh.jpg]
Targeting is done with a targeting circle, giving you the possibility to target turret categories and hangars on a particular ship.

[Image: Kd8Tzqq.jpg]
You can upgrade all your turrets with seven different attributes, like hull damage, shield damage, range and more.

[Image: xnfAep6.jpg]
And what would a Battlevoid game be without epic battles? This time you will have the possibility to have a fleet of 10 ships or more, as well as stations.

  • A Campaign and skirmish.
  • Two game play modes. Domination and Under Siege.
  • Fog Of War.
  • Command a fleet of up to ~10 ship units and up to ~12 stations.
  • Battle for capture points spread across a sector.
  • Choose your own crew composition.
  • Research new technology.
  • Board and capture alien ships and clone them.
  • 6 different sector maps.
  • All the familiar races from Harbinger, and a new race called "Guardians".


ANSWER: SOMETIME AFTER THIS SUMMER Smile More specific date to come.

We've worked harder than ever before to bring you two new games. We hope you like what you see and feel free to leave any comments or questions!

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A M A Z I N G!
I was a $100 backer of the 1st version, I will not esitate to support you again with both games.



Thank you so much for backing us back then, really needed it! You are the best. Smile


Awesome. Not gonna lie more excited about this than the other game. Need any beta testers??? ??


How did you know I have been wanting more Battlevoid!? I will definitely be buying this as soon as it releases. And would be willing to beta test!


This is so awesome. I'll definitely buy it and play the hell out of it! Thank you! Big Grin


I am super excited about this! To have the ability to play battlevoid on the grand scale will be real treat! Keep us posted!

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This looks awesome!  

Can't wait until it comes out!

Happy to back you on kickstarter again and/or do betatesting again. Smile


Will there be a Linux version?



Yes, Linux will be supported unless something is awfully wrong when we test it.

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