Are you open For Suggestion's?


Hi im so excited about your next Battlevoid Game but are you open for community suggestions like Endless Space 2 did? Community designed Factions,Ships,Race? it will be nice if you can early access this game once it is stable enough if you lack funds


We're always open for suggestions! Let's start by feature requests and once the game is out we can see what players want the most that we could implement.

So if any features pop into your mind just by looking at the screenshots or otherwise we're listening! Someone mentioned a veterancy system, having more elite units once they have been through battle. This is an interesting idea and we will see if we can make it happen.

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heres my suggestion 

Ship booster (for a short Duration)
There are times on Battlevoid harbringer on which you are bombarded with Missiles on Long range you could have warped in 1 sec but your ship is too slow to dodge these missiles

Stick Formation
Ships will Strictly follow the formation even if you turn

Emp missiles(can be used once or twice per ship)
Stun enemy ships for a few seconds

Advance Bolter Fighters
Swift Agile these Advanced Bolter fighters can fire faster than their older versions

Limited Ammo Bombers
these bombers will dive in release their bombs then go back to their carrier

Battle Station Capture you can have the option of taking out the Battle Stations Guns and capture it 

More allied ships
Give us More immersion if your engine can handle it Allied ships moving per turn too while they clash with the enemy so we can feel like we are really at war with them you can help your fellow human ships and if you earn their trust you can call them to aid you in your adventures

Idk how you the Specific people on ships would be implemented i mean 10 ships micro managing in battle? im very interested also if you can maybe improve the UI a bit more?

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Apple just announced an augmented reality Framework. Wouldnt it be super nice to see your fleet cruising in your living room? Big Grin



"Stick Formation
Ships will Strictly follow the formation even if you turn"

Is really important...


Will the stations that you said are limited at 12 or so be able to be towed into the frontlines of your territory, and or will you have control of where they go in a sector when built (like the 3 by 3 jump grid so that depending where the threat is often coming for you could position it to deal with it based off its loadout


There are capture points spread all over the map. You can build up to 4 stations at any capture point, and spread them over different capture points to have them defend.

So you will get to choose on which capture points to build the stations, and there will always be a front line Smile

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Ah I see.... Still very excited about this one... Not that the other game doesn't look great, as it does but I am hyped for this one

So will there be a point defense system designed as anti capital ship, but doesn't do so not against fighters, rockets?

So will there be a lot of variety in point defense systems like extra hull, shield boosters, perhaps mini / directional missile deterrents for small craft.

Perhaps an anti capital ship weaponry in there as well?


The familiar point defense turrets from Harbinger will be there, but the shield and hull boosters are not there currently. Instead, you can research better hull and shields and when research is done it will affect all ships you have.

Might add those boosters in there but we will see!


I like the research route for strengthening ships

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