New screenshots from Battlevoid: Sector Siege!


You can count on me, Admiral!



Much appreciated! Your support warms my heart. We are working hard to bring the game to you!


People seem to be surprising active on this forum.... Screenshots must make people happy.....

So will there be a BARRACKS (perhaps in the point defense area) to boost marine count per ship by oh 5 or so with a max upgrade of 10 or so ?



No barracks currently, but it is a neat idea. Will think about it!


I have a question: can we give more task to the small ships - for example defense another ship (so they will circulate around a ship, which isn't their mothership) or order they to exact coordinates.



Currently you can focus them in the same way as in Harbinger, additionally you can set specific targeting commands for them.

They can be in aggressive mode or defensive mode. Aggressive means they will attack anything they see, defensive means they will protect home ship.

They can also be targeted towards specific units, like large ships, other fighters, or missiles.

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please dont rush the release date just make sure you're happy with everything..
also will we be able to have more drones then harbinger?
i always loved the fighers and drones but i couldnt just swarm the enemies as much as i would like
thanks for the hard work


@darkphantomvids. Yes, there will be more total hangars to have than in Harbinger!


So are good the stations all battlestations or are there some other types / variants?


@Clap. There's a few different, you can choose which type to build just like different ship units. There is even a teleport station in there!

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