DevBlog #15 - New footage from Space Haven!

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The newest footage we have to show as of 7th of November 2017! Hope you like what you see.

Sign up for alpha/beta testing of this game when that day comes below:



oh my. too good to believe! cant wait for 2018!


Created an account just to say how hyped I am about this!!! I loved Spacebase DF9 so much, but it's just not possible to play it for very long before it gets too frustrating. This seems to be just what SB-DF9 should've been all along, and so much more. And then you also take inspiration from a whole bunch of other games I really love. Like, most of my top games are on your list! My god, I can't wait Big Grin

(Yes, I'm really hyped :3 )


Hey Bugbyte! Let me say the past week has been a whirlwind. I downloaded and played ALL of your iOS versions, and am still chugging along. As the above mentioned I HAD to sign up and create a new account just to express my HUGE interest in your new venture. The one question that haunts me is this; My platforms are iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Xbox One. Perchance are any of those platforms targets? And I’m almost positive I’m signed up for alpha/beta testing but how would I know for sure?

Thanks. Gods if love your games.

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Hi, AegisBB and others!

Main platform is PC, but we are also aiming to get the game to iOS and Android. We are developing the game with that in mind. The only big question are phones and their screen size. Tablets are fine, they have enough screen size, but phones are a question for us still. Time will tell.

And regarding getting informed of early access it is enough if you have done one of the following:
  • registered to cloud save allowing for messages
  • or registered to these forums
  • or signed up to the news letter under the screenshots.


Thanks guys! Love your games and can’t wait to hear more as it comes out. Now if you don’t mind I’m gonna get back to sector siege. ;D


Will you guys make it available for mac OS?


@alien. Sure, should be doable as long as nothing unexpected comes up.


will the game have coop ?
(Half swe and half fin but i really love sauna and karhu and run to the freezing water for a dipp)


@Swegamer. No. It's a single player game inspired by Rimworld, FTL and the original X-COM.

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