Battlestation: Harbinger first teaser video


You guys say coming out soon and release it after 2 years -_-


Hehe Firestorm! It takes a lot of time to make a good game but it won't be 2 years!


According to my earlier calculations (from one post), battlestation: hairbinger shoud be released at the beginning of may (i have been waiting since end of february).


Very true! That was our plan a little while ago, unfortunately we haven't been able to hold that schedule and the publish date has to be postponed a bit. Very sorry for this, but rest assured that we want to bring you Battlestation: Harbinger as soon as we can.

The game is already in pretty good shape but it wouldn't be fair to you guys if we publish it half-done without polishing the game play.


I need the game I am in love with it


And, of course, three-month waiting isn't a funny job. Me and many users WORLDWIDE wait for that game. And i espect an answer in 48 hours. (angry)


Cross last sentence.


Was a bit to angry.


Too angry


Hello Battlecruiserguy, it is ok to be angry. We are a little frustrated ourselves and really trying to complete the game as fast as possible. Working hard on it and we will do our very best. Took some pictures for you guys to see what we are up to:

[Image: HarbingerWorking.jpg]

Here is our coder trying to figure out how to fit all of the information into that tiny space that is available on mobile devices. Time consuming and frustrating! We really want the players to understand all of it so there is a lot to think about and plan.

[Image: PCGameWorking.jpg]

Our second coder working on the PC game! It is coming together and you will see some cool stuff in the next Kickstarter.

[Image: CharacterWorking.jpg]

One of our graphic designers creating a new Engineer character. Will look awesome in the end!

Please be patient with us commanders. And it is awesome to have such passionate and strongly feeling fans, it means that we have managed to create a good game with First Contact and really want to continue that with Harbinger. It is going to be epic!

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