Battlevoid: Harbinger BUG REPORTING


Hi Goremanslizer!

Hehe wow, that is something. We have checks in place that ensure huge scores cannot be submitted. Actually ZokWobbleFtoz that might be the issue, the max is set at 10 000 so you have broken that Smile I just tried to change it but turns out it can't be changed once it is set!

ZokWobblefotz just consider yourself to be in the hall of fame with this Smile


Yeah hehe, but like I said, the issue for this bug are the "abort"- and "accept" buttons in the fleet-buy-menu.
As they didnt disappear, I could click them and every time I got a huge amount of resources (both).
I did that some minutes, then I was bored and got killed (it was late).

I have a picture of the score at least:
[Image: ifwlin3q_jpg.htm]


[Image: ifwlin3q.jpg]


Remember that the score is so high, that the last number was cut =)



My first play-through of the game was pretty good. It was so fun, I started another game right after. Shortly after I started, I noticed I was getting much less scrap and upgrade parts than on my first run. I thought it was a glitch, so I started another game but the problem still persisted. Don't know if it's supposed to be like this or not. Would really like feedback.


Hi heyyoushutup!

It depends from game to game, since many things are randomized. For example if you get a really good start it might be easier for a while after that. But it is not THAT random, you will get scrap each game. It might be that your first game was spectacularly good Smile But don't worry, you will figure it out! Watch this one: It has great stuff in it.


iOS 8.4.1, iPhone 6 Plus.

Opposing drone/fighter AI quirk, they chase missiles on the far side of the map, then switch to another missile, rarely closing with or engaging player ships.


Love the game so far, great work!

Ran into my first major Bug yesterday. Made it to Stage 3, was attacking a trolgar station and my "nemesis" jumped in. I blew him up and his pod warped out. When I jumped into the next zone the game became very laggy, I had zero lag problems before. I received a message that an enemy ship had jumped out, received the zone clear message but map screen gives no jump or wait icons meaning I will have to abandon the game, which is sad, as it's the most effective fleet I have managed to build. I tried everything up to a full restart of the iPad, but it looks like the save file keeps loading with the same bug.

Drawing on memory I may have jumped out of the initial encounter with the nemesis before his capsule warped out, then jumped back into finish the fight and he completed his jump out at that point. Hope this info helps.



I put up the high score on HARD on my apple iPad today and it was there on Gamecenter for about 5 hours. Now I'm not even ranked and it is as if I had never played HARD before. Don't know why that happened but I got that score without doing any of the initial releases exploits. Straight game play. The game still says I have the score I posted which was 10498 as my best score on HARD but Gamecenter doesn't.


PS. How I got that score: 1 BSE Armada equipped with 1 Energy Cannon and 1 Projectile Cannon. As you get upgrade points upgrade the recharge time only. Fully upgraded Projectile Cannon fire once every 1/2 second. Fully upgraded Energy Cannon fire once every 4/10ths of a second. Add more main weapon mounts of Projectile Cannon until all mounts are done. Your choice for point defense weapons and don't bother upgrading them. I like a mix of Gatling and Laser with Lasers on the corners and Gatling in the middle. Then as I got enough scrap I bought a BSE Liberator and equipped it with a fighter hanger (max out the number of fighters), an Energy Cannon and 3 Projectile Cannon with only the recharge time upgraded to the max on the latter facilities; one Shield Boost goes in the point defence opposite the hanger. Rinse and repeat when you have enough scrap for another BSE Liberator. The barrage of projectiles the Projectile Cannon puts out with a fully upgraded Recharge Time Upgrade intercepts most long range Missile/Rocket fire and tears ships up in 1 or 2 seconds. Operate in the middle ranges and you'll stay away from those close range weapons that tear you up on the third map. When the third map is finished don't just exit, sell off everything that you can, weapons and ships. This will max out the scrap you have on hand which adds to your score.


Thank you for the reports!

wievil we made a bit of a mistake and thought noone would get over 10 000 scores in the game. Turns out we underestimated you guys quite a bit!

You can, however, post your score with a screenshot here:

Then you will be in the legendary over 10k club.


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