Battlevoid: Harbinger Feature Requests

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I respect yours effort but the game is already finished as engine wide. So you don't need that tons of hours to correct things any more.

Even some very classic things don't get many companies attention but this does not mean, it's something bad or wrong decision..

FTL and Homeworld are the classics of simple but great game experiences for space strategy genre AND there is nearly no one who try to make the same type of games. Yeah there is some attempts but so few when you think they are total classics. Your company or dev group could be one of this with this game.

I am harsh about this because i want you to be one of them. It makes me sad to see a possible classic game would fall because of just some bad decisions. After you gave 1000's of hours, you could give some more (maybe 50 more) and you can bring this into the perfection. But if you don't give this final hours, that 1000's will have no point. I don't say this game has no point, but it just needs a bit more, a tiny more work to make it 10x better..

I read some ideas at this topic and people got crazy ideas which needs tons of works and i totally understand that you can't give that time for this game and i don't want them either because the game is so good to be as simple as it's now. My points are totally in game points with no game engine work. Making a hull adding secondary slot and making this and shield secondaries with updated drops would not need any game engine work, you will add them to item pool.. making or better, changing some useless ships to battleships with red slots and maybe adding 3-4 big dreadnoughts could be handled in hours by your artist(s). Adding this to the game will take some lines of codes.. Adding more bays, just some lines to code to add those to drop pool with updates..

At your every answer here and steam forums, you talk about the "time" and maybe i am not a dev but i am a hardcore modder, i know that adding this kind of non-game engine additions could be done with very few efforts.

Yes the game gave me fun times for hours for 4$.. i can give you much more. You can be a classic like FTL.. you can be the only one at your genre. Use this opportunity. I am not a whining 10 years old child here. I am a 35 years old space game veteran. I want you to prevail. I am at your side. I dream to play this game with my dreadnoughts until end of time. Balance, balance is overrated. I don't talk about how carriers are unbalanced, i want this unbalanced power with dreadnoughts and battleships.

I am sure you want to see that too as a developer team with a passion to give 2 years to this game. Give your one week more and create another classic with an expansion named "Dreadnoughts of Void" and let me throw you money to support you for your next game. This game is one of the best indie games at steam and if you ask me it's the second best after FTL, but i played your game more then FTL because they are different styles. And why FTL won? because of diversity, more choices, more and more for every gaming style.. Does FTL have balance? Come on.. does people care or whine about it? No...

We don't need balance, we need more choices...

2.5D VIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

there`s only 2 features that i asked
1,other human beings that also fought the aliens using a ship or battlestations
2,more fleet slot 5+

I love this game!! Got it on phone, tablet and laptop. Yes, faster ships is a must. Also, more weapons variety, like plasma, particle beams, and maybe extra ship upgrades when you finish a galaxy map. Keep up the good work and I'm really looking forward to seeing the new game! Looks pretty cool.

2 or more ships involve in our own fleet (if you can) and (maybe if you can) add a straight up multi hanger carrier,  more than 4(max hangers), with the slowest speed, and the least, if not, no point defences and no turrents.  Nothing but fighters and fighters, and evolution type speed, with a touch of salt for the enemies.

P.S. if you can't, then keep up the good work of Space Haven.

Thanks for the suggestions LoyalData09! Wink

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1.dlc please
2.much better storyline
3.more ship
4.7+ support ships
5.more races
6.planetary landing/docking/siege system
8.more space station features

9.war between races
10.other fleets
12.our own space station
13.more weapons
14.more fighter/bomber/drones/etc
15.much powerful nukes
16.more equipment
17.bigger Galaxy
18.sandbox mode
19.ships upgrade ships are changeable

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