Battlestation: Harbinger Content Update Kickstarter


I would like to have maybe an almanac or something with an enemy ship guide, kinda giving you enemy ship specs, the fighters and such, the races stories ect.



I second a lot of what's already said, especially with having a decoy turret for blue. Something more accurate than Gatling and more effective than lasers at destroying missiles, and could be balanced out with not being able to be used offensively in any capacity.

Rocket drones - yes.

A little concerned with the one-shot-kill type turrets as it seems only natural that the enemy should have this too, and I don't like losing that quickly.

I never feel willing to sacrifice a red slot for escape pod or teleport, even though they both sound cool.

Gravity inversion/repulsion blast: Disperses a crowd and helps you single out some ships. Or maybe some kind of weapon that triggers an enemy ships's warp drive and send them back to the sector from which they arrived?

Electromagnetic Pulse Cannon: Temporarily drops enemy shields, or disables their energy-based weapons, or disables everyone's energy based weapons.

Force Field Barrier: Emits a temporary field X units long which the enemy cannot pass. Helps put distance between you and close range fighter enemies.

Space Stations: would like to see more interactivity. Maybe there are some missions for hire available at stations? Or rumors about which sectors may have contracts?

User Interface: In the purchase ships screen, I would prefer to be able to see the red/blue/green slot breakdown for each ship.

Environment: Random wormholes that transport you off-map and force you through a few sectors of unbelievably hard battles with the Borg before spitting you back in your galaxy. Not sure how I'd actually feel about it, but it's an idea.


More turret suggestions;

Red slot suggestions;

- Drill missile/Latch mines (time to upgrade that tactical nuke with a new deadly feature, or an entirely different variant. This is a missile or floating mine that bores/attaches to a ship and self detonates after a few moments with a radial explosion effect. It can be shot down but once it latches on sux 2b u and cannot be disarmed beyond explosion)

- warp bombs (as the name suggests its a portable warping bomb, limited dps but add in radial explosion and distance limiters to make it a invaluable weapon)

- arch beam cannon (as the name suggests this weapon fires a highly concentrated amount of energy that archs off the targeted ship(s){perhaps a upgradeable feature} with high cool down rate but medium to high dps after upgraded}[due to the affects of this weapon friendly drones will get caught in the arch use with caution]

- arching energy cannon (as the name suggests different from its original MK1 variant the MK2 brings to the table a unfocused ball of energy, the downsides though is that it affects friendly drones as well as it archs out in all directions dispensing its own energy till it's nothingness)

- EMP missle (as the name implies this is a missile designed solely for disarming enemy/friendly drones and shielding systems this weapon may affect friendlies, use with caution extremely high cool down rate like tactical nuke)

- Boarding pods (as the name suggests a team of marines deploys out like in battle station first contact, these marines sabotage and can capture or disable parts of the enemy sub systems),{KEEP IN MIND this suggestion is based on the assumption you will bring back marines and engineers enabling for a more complex gameplay style}

Blue slot suggestions;
- Point defense laser (as the name suggests it is a short range rapid locking laser that's sole purpose is to disarm/destroy enemy mines/missiles)

Drone Bay suggestions;
-Arch drones (as the name suggests just like arch cannon except smaller power less capable and doesn't disarm enemies or drones solely archs and dose low to medium dps. This is the only drone immune to dps/arching lashback due to its micro arch shielding subsystems)

-mine drones (as the name suggests these drones sole purpose is to blanket an area with small dps mines that home in on targets within a 10-15m radius, due to the potential for spamming these drones must MANUALLY be commanded to deploy a blanket of mines with a touch drag feature, each drone maxed out at 5mines per drone {4drones max perhaps and require # of mines to deploy based on leveling up, with a variety of 3 different mines, arch mines, standard explosive mines, and homing mines{latches or homes in on target within mines effective radius, only one mine can be chosen in upgrade tier}

- decoy drones {as the name suggests these drones sole purpose are to draw fire. They have no weapons but they can sometimes draw hostile fleets fire and attention buying you time to retreat or counter attack, upgrades include drawing missile fire, and attracting enemy drones attention, these drones need to be issued a location to fly to aka drag and go)

- kamikaze drones {as the name suggests these drones sole purpose is to fly at top speed at the enemy suiciding with a radial explosion effect, more armored than a missile and extremely light shielding coupled with long respawn times make these drones a tricky type to use in a last ditch effort}

Generalized suggestions;

- Fleet difficulty scales up based on player ships/equipment enabling for a constant challenge to players, with wild cards like weak easy and tough hard fleets


More generalized suggestions;

- what the player has the enemy has, this can be a wild card though forcing tough fights for the player (this includes bail out tactics to hit and run ships to heavily overpowering)

- enemy has the same arsenal as player has with different evolving tactics

- battle stations serve more of a purpose beyond repairs and to aid in fights, they now field a upgradeablility fielding more drones based on how much salvage you dump into the battle station

More turret suggestions;
Drone Bay suggestions;

- constructor drone (as the name suggests this drone can build but what? It can solely build a battle station platform, place a limit on this restricting max # of buildable stations overall including pregenerated battle stations per map. This allows players to rebuild destroyed stations or place New ones, I suggest only having 2-3tips able to be built by player as a max so players can't spam build battle stations. They are unsalavageable though so think wisely before building. Default build location is determined based on quadrant you define for station building, as a added issue the building process takes 2-3 turns and the battle station is paper thin during construction process. This means the enemy can thwart your construction attempts but with repair drones and constructor drones building/repairing the structure you can keep it up)

Anyway that's all I'm able to think of at the moment hopefully some of my ideas get out in or people build upon the ideas I gave.

ALSO pay attention to your reddit. As a prior player of your last few battle station games I understood immediately what the features ment in the videos. New comers won't. Add in text to explain a bit about what your doing with the ship in your videos, as that's a core importance to increasing your sales and really showing off what you got


Whoops two more ideas.

Red slot suggestions;

- hack beam (turns hostile enemy drones to your side by scrambling and mixing up enemy drones IFFS){Assuming you don't like the capture idea then the hostile hacked drones self destruct after all enemies are destroyed so you can collect their remains for scrap}

Drone Bay suggestions;
- Capture bay (basically a important component to couple with hack beam. This bay solely houses enemy drones that were captured, you can break down enemy drones for scrap or use them till their destroyed. drones here do not respawn only repair when docked)


PLZ....LASER pointdefense is useless.....fix plz!


Hey guys, I'm a big fan of the game, even though I just came on board a few weeks ago after reading your Kickstarter. I absolutely love Harbinger. There's definitely some balancing to be done, but please don't nerf stuff, just make the weak stuff more powerful, this game is already quite difficult until you get further on.

What I would like to see in a content upgrade:

Better point defense. The lasers are obviously the worst here, as they're ineffectual against everything, including fighters. I dont care what you choose, whether it's better balance, or you introduce new turrets, or what, all I know for sure is that it's really frustrating when my enemies can knock out 4-5 missiles and I struggle to kill one.

Easier upgrading. It's obnoxious when I can buy a new ship before I can upgrade a turret, and that happens constantly in this game. Just seems really bassackwards, as they say. My personal suggestion would be mining asteroids and building a supply chain as you conquer, this would make the upgrades easier and add an element of strategy, but I realize that that might be a large project, so maybe I should make that part a PC suggestion, rather than a suggestion for the mobile app.

Engine upgrades. As the game progresses, I'd like to be able to travel more than one system over in a turn, so I could make more strategic moves and conquer every star system. Think MoO II.

Hull/armor upgrades. Make me harder to kill, man! Maybe trade off speed/maneuverability for this.

SHIP SIZE UPGRADES!!! Sorry for caps, but this is the one I really want. Let me add onto my current ships, rather than build a whole new one. I'd much rather have limited ship choice and greater variety in ship buildout, this would let me build to my own style, rather than the preconfigurations that we currently have. This would make this game so much more fun.

I second these suggestions from other people:

More interaction with battle stations.

Drone missions. (Especially if you add a mining ability)

Worm holes. Not necessarily harder enemies, just different ones, or even a pathway between star systems like in MoO II.

And on the subject of MoO II, could we do heroes that up ship or even fleet stats? That would be so cool!

That's all I have for now, I'll check back later!


At most i like THIS 2 options:
Richer environments such as: Black holes (Slowly sucking hull), Electromagnetic Storms(Disabling shields), Asteroid clusters, debris of old ships and defunct space stations.
Fast forward in battles.

And guys please add THIS feature;
Real timw online multiplayer!
Thaz woudl be awesome!!!!


Love the game and the graphics. Addictive, but became too easy once I figured out a couple of tricks. Three upgrades on the recharge time of the projectile cannon makes it the ultimate weapon. You get one energy cannon with three upgrades to its recharge time, and fill the rest of your red slots with projectile cannons with 3 upgrades to the recharge time, and you are unstoppable. Max out your shields with shield boosts, get some shield regenerating drones and hull regenerating drones, then take on 20 enemy ships at once with no problem.

My thoughts: I think new ships and equipment should have to be purchased at a space station or home world. I would like to see fuel and supply management a part of the game. Also, quests for transporting critical supplies.

Another the issue I have is that enemies do not attack friendlies when I am NOT in the sector. A wonderful strategic dynamic I would like to see is to have friendly warships I can direct to hold sectors or protect space stations and home worlds. A commander should have to manage, and even buy, friendly warships that do not travel with the main Armada.

To really take the game to another level, add shuttles which can go to Planet surfaces for adventures on the planets. Could even have RPG style battles on planet surfaces. Seek out merchants to engage in trade and buy supplies. Visit dignitaries to find quests.


First of all, you've made an incredible game! I can't stop playing it. Keep up the good work!

Here's a few suggestions.

1. There shouldn't be constant prize for not-completing a campgain. Now I can gain player level and unlock new ships just by constantly losing a first battle in the hard mode. More points for destroying enemies in harder mode would be better idea. Also harder modes could be unlocked on higher player level.

2. I'm not sure but if I restart a campgain in the middle of one I don't gain any points. I think that points and player level should be constantly updated, not only at the end of a campgain.

3. Sometimes little enemy ships goes crazy shooting at random direction and moving far away. Chasing them is really time-consuming.

4. When buying a ship there would be cool to see what slots it has.

All the other things were already said by other players. Once again, thanks for this really amazing game!

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