Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!

Add to 10 - ummm, it's not only cosmetics. Just tested one more thing - I jumped into a sector, right over an enemy ship and my projectile cannons were making the full circle and effectively leave the enemy ship firing at me while I was just waiting for the cannons glitch to fix. This could mean difference between life and death in some situations.

What is interesting, the lasers were waiting their full 5 seconds before *tracking* and firing, which means that they are not ready to fire and do not track the enemy, which confirms what I said before. During these 5 seconds the projectile cannons still did not finish their warp-in turning, although they could make 2 shots already (with their recharge time being 2 seconds). So, two shots of my main weapons is lost to the bug..

21. When the sector map is clear, please make the resources fly into my ships about 5 or more times faster... sometimes I wait like several seconds while some scrap flies to me from the far edge of the map..

It's been mentioned a few times before but I think a tweak to weapon prioritization such that they always attack the closet object first would be much-appreciated.

Consider this example - early game versus Celestials, equipped with a projectile cannon. Celestials tend to have a few plasma bomber analogues in each early map, plus one capital ship (on hard at least). Your project cannon will plink away at the cap ship, causing a whopping 5 damage to the shield, while you get slowly picked apart by the bombers.

There is no way (that I've found) to tell the projectile cannon "hey, kill the things you can actually kill [fighters] and stop wasting your shots on shield".

This could be easily rectified by making the default behavior attack the closest target.

If you <em>wanted to override that, you certainly could, by using the targeting palette. Thoughts?

100% agree.This is often happening situation.The priority should be closest targets....and if you want big ship,just target it!)

I read somewhere that it is planned to allow to target individual fighters.. that'd be cool. But if this won't happen, then any other improvement would still be good.

Played some more today Smile

22. It's been said already but I repeat since I've just stumbled into it - there's a big problem when there are more than 4 items on a map. It may become impossible to properly handle them with the inventory.

Also, in addition to that - when my inventory is full and I am rewarded with an item, where does it go?

23. Slots on a ship systems screen are misaligned. For example, look at the BSE Achilles chart. The rear right point defense slot is especially out of the alignment. Others are too. This condition is similar for some other ships.

24. Today I got a ship almost out of a map, behind the map edge, and I was unable to select it. Also, it was not moving along with the rest of the fleet (my main ship and the other auxiliary one). The scenario was this: it got damaged pretty bad and I instructed it to maneuver behind my main ship, then I instructed all my fleet to move. The auxiliary ship got behind the edge, with only its engines barely visible from behind the edge and ceased to obey any movement orders. I am sure that somehow the fact that I gave it a separate move order mattered.

I am able to reproduce the bug rather well - you can issue a move order to move behind the edge and the ship will stay there. Since it will stop responding the general move order, it can't be retrieved without a hyper jump. Now I have managed to hide the ship completely. I know that it should not be possible to physically click behind the edge, but now I just did this and succeeded from the first try, just used a swift movement of my fingers and it got there.

25. When a ship near the edge, its personal orders menu is also hidden by the edge. But his one relates to point 5 that I made earlier, regarding the health bar.

26. The health bar is not always readable when there's a planet in the background.

27. When I shoot at some enemy and it jumps away, I have noticed that in some situations some of the main weapons of some of my ships can continue shooting at the empty space endlessly. This once happened with laser and once with a rocket.

28. In ship inventory if I first select a ship system and then click into empty space, the system is deselected, however, it's stats and the upgrade menu is still there. Either it should not lose its highlight or the menu should also disappear.

29. When jumping from an ion storm sector into a normal sector without enemies, shields don't recharge automatically to full, as they do when I destroy all enemies. This is inconsistent, they should recharge immediately.

30. Sometimes on the global map various markers are seen only partially. For example, there could be a marker of enemy ship, the big marker of the main mission objective and such, and they can get partly covered by the fog of war, which is unrealistic, since these markers are overlayed by the ships computer and cannot be partially visible as if simply being a part of the landscape. Same goes for a system. Since the map is drawn by a computer and not a landscape, each marker should be fully visible and unaffected by the fog of war.

I've purchased, installed the game recently, and signed up to be a tester. But I'm not being prompted for the beta download in the Play store. So I'll make a couple of suggestions (that might have already been mentioned). I haven't read through all 20 pages.

1. The Trash can will tell first time players to "trash" an item instead of actually trading it at a station. Not knowing they are receiving scrap for the selling. So instead of the icon, maybe the scrap icon with a "+" will do, or just words "sell".

2. Visual detail. I've played S.P.A.Z and Gratuitous Space Battles which both have the same top down design with very limited battle concept like Harbinger. One thing is missing from Harbinger though, Damage art work on the ships, and smoke trails when the ship is moving. This will enhance the notion that your ship or your opponent has been damaged.

3. More information in the tutorial. The tutorial felt high level leaving out the selling and even death in the game. Sure you have 4k in scrap to buy anything, but I think seeing the necessity to flee or explaining perma-death due to the rogue-like genre of the game. On top of that, detail of the mission logs need to be available. I've had 4 missions running at once and lost track of what they were. I forgot which one was the main objective (even tough it was the lowest number) and the planets didn't fully line up when clicking them.

That's it for now. I really enjoy this game over most other's I've purchased recently.


I've noticed that I have part one of the extension. I'm ecstatic that I made it all the way to the unknown with nightngales. I ended my best game by being cornered by my nemesis. I really enjoy the addition of mercenaries and nemesis in the game. Time to play at a tougher level.

31. On a mission with a mission item pickup (a yellow box item), I took the item, warped out of the system and engaged with an enemy after I exited the hyperspace. The enemy jumped away - to the sector where I just came from, I followed him. And though I already picked up the item, there still was the notice about picking the item and the camera focused on the empty space.

@MaarekStele: good points! Also, I can relate to the little glitches of the global map.

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