Harbinger PC Early Access Feedback


Hmmm. Would be nice if missions with special requirements - like having to buy the mission, or having a time limit - gave notably more upgrade modules. (Talking about escort missions and 'under siege'.


I was wondering if you guys could change I was playing around with a laser drones and with their laser they would attack the target on one let the laser would move off target even though I noticed a laser beam last for 3 seconds was wondering could you make your laser stay on target for the three seconds at the laser is firing


Vulcan cannon, range upgrade paints recharge time red as if it was supposed to increase,
but it stays at 0.2.
Seems none of the upgrades have any downsides, which is nice.


That is probably a rounding issue - decrements too small to be seem in a single number, but which in a gun as fast as the Vulcan, still affect DPS.


One thing I have noticed with both the iOS and PC versions:

When moving your task group to a new waypoint, the rear 2 ships tend to do drastic course changes; i.e. turning all the way around as opposed to just shifting a few degrees left or right. This hampers attacks to a great degree as sometimes the ships travel out of weapons range for no reason.


We are back at it! Started working on the PC user interface today, it's going to look sweet once we get it done. Stay tuned, Commanders.


Just beginning to tinker. Right off the bat - right-click with no ships selected should use mobile behavior - move the flagship to location, with other ships in formation. I like the 'stop and face direction' commands, along with the ability to click-drag waypoints for precise placement. I can't help but think, though, that shield/hit points are too low and manuevering too slow for movement tweaks to be terribly helpful, except with regards to making the correct facing easier to achieve.

In other words, 'stop and face cursor' is wonderfully useful, while waypoints, though I would LOVE them to be useful, are not.



Also - with a ship selected, left-click on a ship should immediately 'target all'. This would greatly help quickly issue orders.


Sorry for the multiposts, but I can't seem to edit on this forum, and I'm posting things as I notice them. Galaxy map is still stock. Needs zoom, WASD. Also, volume up/down buttons on my laptop keyboard also seem to pause/unpause the game.

I mentioned that right-click on a location should issue move orders mobile-style if nothing is selected. Left-clicking on an enemy with no ships selected should also be meaningful - all ships target this, with all weapons, for instance.

Right now, clicking without a ship selection has no effect, which is, to me, a lost opportunity to give the player more control.


Formations seem quite meaningless at the moment?

Something that always bugged me about mobile, as well, searching for containers . . . unvisited sectors aren't flagged in any way. That irks the explorer and completionist in me.

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