Battlestation: Harbinger arrives on Steam February 24th!



I'm here asking for your help. Once again we stand against a formidable enemy, the upcoming PC release is incredibly important for this small indie game company. The future of Battlestation is on the line.

We have now added:
  • An Endless mode for each difficulty level
  • 8 new playable ships
  • A few new turrets and facilities
  • + Whatever we can manage in the upcoming weeks

The PC release will be launched as the fully fledged out Extended Edition, after this we need around 2 weeks to update the mobile version. Future updates of Harbinger and the future of the Battlestation series depend on the success of the upcoming PC release, we need your help to get visibility. The industry is brutal for small indie game companies like us, and often a fight of survival.

Commanders, here are 3 ways you can help:
  • Share the trailer above wherever you can
  • Join this Thunderclap campaign:
  • And the biggest help you can give: If you can spare buying Battlestation: Harbinger on PC you will not only support us financially, you will also help push the game up on the Steam rankings list. Go to the Battlestation: Harbinger Steam Store Page and click the "Add to Wishlist" and "Follow" buttons. These will help us get more visibility for Battlestation: Harbinger and you will also join the community hub.

    <iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="646" height="190"></iframe>

    Open in browser:
    Open directly in Steam: Battlestation: Harbinger Steam Store Page

Watching this community grow has been a special time for me, and we will do our best to continue making great games for you in the future. I hope you are with us February 24th, Commander!

NOTE! We need around 2 weeks of time to update and test the mobile version after the PC release. Hope you understand.

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