Battlestation: Harbinger arrives on Steam February 24th!



I have just discovered your game a month ago and have been playing a lot of it. It has been a very enjoyable experience and have shared about your game to friends who have also purchased it.

I would like to write to share my experience with another game I am currently playing, which has a good feature if can be implimented, may prove very benefitial as well for your game.

Anyway, this game is out on both Steam & Android/iOS, and their asking price is not that cheap either. $14.99 on Steam, $4.99 on iOS and Android. BUT, I have purchased it both on Steam and Android, and it's mainly because of the game's crossplatform savegame feature. I can play on the PC, the save game is synced to the cloud, and continue off on my Android when I'm out, in the toilet etc..

Thank you for your time.

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