Your mini game is a nice advertising joke


"Seriously? This is the “big” update? A few new ships a few new turrets endless mode? THATS ALL?! This is the “big” content with that you hold out the (android) gamers since for a long time?! What did you have done the last weeks and months, except bringing the game to the pc, you little hobby-weekend-“developers”? You must be stupid if you think that this mini game with its all-the-same-gameplay will succeed in any way."

@Stealthy. You have no idea what you are talking about. None. I'm going to forgive your ignorance, and chalk all of this up to you being angry you don't get more content now.

The Extended Edition content update was done in two parts, we already executed part 1 right before Christmas. We added 3 new races to the game, 1 more galaxy, new ships, new turrets, new drones, many new missions, special sectors like Black holes, Electromagnetic storms and Asteroids. Much of what was promised in the Kickstarter.

Now we are about to bring the rest. The endless mode, around 8 new ships, a couple of new items and new music. We have done all of this, executed part 1 update and part 2 update, + COMPLETELY reworked the game for PC in 4 months. There was a lot we had to do to make the game great on PC, because for a game to be good on PC it has to be a PC game, not a mobile game with mobile buttons.
Therefore we added:
  • Reworked user interface for PC and enhanced graphics.
  • Precise controls, and more precise interface.
  • More complexity to targeting. Targeting individual fighters.
  • Bandboxing and tooltips.

As @DaViylax77 said we don't make enough money on this game to have a sustainable company yet. We do work full-time, but there are only 3 of us. 1 programmer and 1 graphic artist, while I do all of the business, marketing and customer support. When you come here spouting your offensive and ill will words, I don't take that lightly.

Here is something I wrote on Reddit not a long time ago, a post that climbed up to the front page of Reddit, and helped us survive through all the contacts we got from it:

You have no idea how much we work, how I myself get every customer support mail to my phone directly. How I answer them when I'm out jogging in the evenings. How during the past 4 years we haven't had any vacations, how tired we are to be under constant pressure. You have no idea of the pressure to succeed marketing wise, because every decision we make is life or death in this cut throat industry. We already were on the brink of having to close down once, then we released Battlestation: Harbinger (In an incomplete state, because it was our only hope) and were fortunate enough to get just enough to continue on for a short time.

You sit there and wonder why everything takes so long. How about you find out? How about you go to a game development company and stay with them for a couple of weeks. You will realize something, you will realize how grudgingly hard work it is to develop a GOOD game. A game that makes you care enough to come to this forum and write your words in anger. If the game was crap, you wouldn't bother.

I have to go back to work now, there is a lot to do.

"You must be stupid if you think that this mini game with its all-the-same-gameplay will succeed in any way."

Sigh, it was nice waking up to this comment on my birthday.

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