Your mini game is a nice advertising joke


@AdmiralGeezer Naah, don't get into this, it's just attitude. Be confident and sure with what you're doing, especially that you know for yourself that BugByte works very hard and does very much with the good intent and will. Stick to the real *science* and measures, and the real people who is capable of appreciating, do not stick to ranting. In all times, there were people who could simply take a masterpiece, say the MonaLisa picture, and simply burn it, or put in dirt, saying "so what it's just a colored paper and I really only appreciate good beer". As a relationship manager you must be well aware that it is fairly easy to knock anyone down by settling doubt, uncertainty and lowering self-esteem. That being said, there's really no logical / correct answer to such claims as Stealthy says except for "Thank you for your call, you are very important to us Smile". Really. If I have learned something of my life, it's that there are always haters and it is simply impossible to do anything about it. Except for maybe extracting some more stimulus from them. Don't be shy to *use* haters for your own sake Smile

As I already said, I am a game dev myself and I totally understand what are the implications, and with the marketing side of it too. And many people here do understand too.

And also Happy Birthday! Big Grin I think the real meaning of this thread, produced by the reality, is so that we can cast our solutations for the celebration Big Grin

@Stealthy I can understand your disappointment - you really liked the game and wanted to see it being even much much more developed, with more content and new features. And you must be expecting BugByte to be a big company with big amounts of money, just like the ones who do the AAA games, but it is not so. You should be measuring the progress by the real scale. Really, it's just a small team of people aiming to create a unique game experience, maintaining good quality of the product, keeping up with all the marketing stuff and the fan club. If you are not a software developer, then if I were you, I would not dare to measure anything in this situation. I understand, you wanted "Big" to be much bigger than it currently is, but why then not re-phrase your call in a positive tone? Give some useful feedback, enumerate features you'd like to have and such? And Battlestation is a concept that is being developed, still in its infancy stages, why not look to the bright future? The team has a great dedication and vision for the future, why not nourish that instead of hurting what's already there? You don't just kill an orange tree while it's several years old because it can't yet give you a ton of oranges.. why you think it should be any different here? Can you maybe share with us, what *you* have accomplished so that you have a right to speak like you do?

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