Extended Edition part 2/2 Mobile beta test!


I would like to throw my weight behind some of what Joel said above.
Particle cannon is overpriced for its worth, though I have enjoyed making use of it when I can afford it.
The new weapons seem underwhelming in terms of range and power.
Death rays are OP. However yes we should still be able to recruit valient to fleet, its high price ensures its not OP.

Commenting more on my experience so far. Remember I have only played on hard.
Getting off your feet at the start of a game is still grindy as hell, I've found no way around it. Sometimes I get lucky and off to a nice fast start, usually its an annoying grind to amass any sort of viability.
Have been unable to finish the game :/ Have died many times on the final boss, and lost quite a lot to small frustrating things. One time I should have been able to finish, but the final boss could only be accessed via a FRIGGING BLACK HOLE sector. Docking all my fighters, and releasing them once in the boss sector was too slow a process, I would be dead by the time my fighters were out and ready to do their thing.

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