Tutorial Bugs - Stage 1



I noticed a couple bugs during my run of the first tutorial. I took some screenshots but wasn't sure if there was a report feature, so here's a forum post!

Bug #1: The turret texture is off center from the mounting point on the ship. http://imgur.com/Qvh1N8x

Bug #2: Similar to the first. The turret appears on the screen, even though the ship doesn't, during the hostile drone cut scene. http://imgur.com/BmHcFk0

Bug #3: This one I discovered via my impatience so I'll list the steps I took. Blow up the drone after 2nd jump, directed to view star map, view and then hit Esc. The tutorial cut scene to "Click Here" will still happen, requiring you to hit Esc. http://imgur.com/Iq3keum

Sorry if any of these are already known or reported frequently. I just happened to try the tutorial for the hell of it and noticed these issues.

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